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June 2011

Contact: Nicole Wilson

Online Wellness Magazine Puts Health at People’s Fingertips – Their Way
New web destination makes healthy living a reality with a breadth and depth of expert advice – all available at people’s fingertips.

Santa Barbara, CA – Health and wellness advice and inspiration has never been more accessible thanks to a new online magazine called Health Your Way Online (  The website boasts a network of professional health and fitness experts dedicated to providing the latest and most effective healthy lifestyle information – truly embodying their tagline “health at your fingertips.”

Founder Nicole Clancy, writer and Certified Fitness Professional brings with her over 20 years of experience in the health industry. She was inspired to launch the health and wellness web destination to make healthy living a reality for a global audience.  She is a not only the founder but also a contributor to Health Your Way.  She personally selects the guest writers – a brilliant mix of expert professionals from athletes to life coaches, medical professionals and exercise physiologists.

“Health doesn’t have to be difficult – people just need a resource from which to learn and get inspired” says founder Clancy.  “Health Your Way is a place where people come from all walks of life to embrace health and wellness – their way. Health and Wellness are not just words; they are a lifestyle- an experience that everyone deserves to access. makes health easy – the online magazine gives ‘real’ advice from people who walk the talk.”

Health Your Way Online offers easy steps to better total health – all via smart, current content.  Visitors can learn about more effective workouts, get health research updates, learn how to make more informed nutrition choices and focus on lifestyle enrichment. As an interactive site, visitors can engage in all aspects of managing their own wellness care from posting fitness-questions to be answered by the pros, to learning how to inspire their kids and teens to set up healthy behaviors for a lifetime.

Serving all proactive health improvement-seekers, provides guaranteed easy steps to get you there.

Find motivation and inspiration on  Website visitors can subscribe to the email updates free feed to have information spoon-fed to their email inboxes, further reinforcing the “health at your fingertips” theme.

Health Your Way is an online magazine dedicated to providing the latest and most effective lifestyle information – health at your fingertips. The online magazine is a national network of professional health and fitness professionals.  Health Your Way was founded by Nicole Clancy, an internationally syndicated writer and Certified Fitness Professional. Serving all proactive health improvement-seekers, provides guaranteed easy steps to help support a healthy lifestyle.