May 29, 2024

How’s your fitness dedication?

Healthy Mind:

Fitness takes dedication.

Not every workout will be easy, convenient or go as planned. However, every workout will be worth it.  ALWAYS. Why? Workouts gains are cumulative. Not one workout will make or break your fitness. Every little bit counts! So how do you stay dedicated to your fitness?

Every day when getting up, recommit to making fitness a priority, pushing through negativity and logging a high-quality workout. Consider every workout as Day 1.

Break down your goals, set mini-workout goals, split up workouts for time-challenged days, enlist a training partner, club, or group workouts.

Set periodic fitness tests or workout challenges in the form of races or community-events. You’re less likely to miss a workout when your ego is on the line!


Your Fitness= Try and Try Again!

Healthy Mind:

Your Fitness= Try and Try Again, and then try again until you find what inspires and motivates you.

If you’re not finding fitness that suits you, try and try again. There is something for every one, every ability, every personality, every time constraint, financial situation, gear availability and age.


Healthy Meals: Week at a Glance

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Weekly Meal Prep

Save time and energy by completing weekly meal prep. Choose one day each week to shop, chop, wash, prepare and cook. Healthy meals for the whole family will be at your disposal every day of the week:

Chop all veggies. Place in baggies so they are ready to go.

Wash produce. Prepare and clean produce so everyone in the family can simply grab and go!

Wash herbs. Wrap in paper towel, place in baggies and store in the fridge.

Bulk cook meats for the week. Portion out meat and store in air tight containers. All that’s needed is to heat it up.

Bulk cook entree’s to create left-overs. Cook casseroles, chili, soups and stews with a plan for left-overs. Refreshing a meal with a creative side dish or combination is a great way to minimize cooking during the week.


Do you have a running goal? by Jason Saltmarsh

This time of year, runners are busy publishing their 2014 running recaps and setting ambitious new running goals for 2015. There’s a lot of buzz out there about ultras, trail races, marathons, and personal bests. Goal setting can be a difficult and intimidating process for runners. Most of us are just trying to get out the door each day.

It doesn’t have to be. Choose goals that are reasonable and attainable so that you don’t end up frustrated or injured. A long-term goal, like a BQ (Boston Marathon Qualifying) time, may take several years to achieve. Try breaking it up into smaller goals that you can celebrate every 3-6 months.

6-Month Running Goal

Run a faster 5K. The most-popular race distance in the United States is the 5K. It’s short enough to build your base mileage quickly and with a dash of speed work, you’ll be ready to grab a new PR in 6 months or less.

12-Month Running Goal

Run your first marathon. A full calendar year allows you to safely increase your mileage without risk of overuse injury. With careful planning, you can be ready for your first full marathon in 2015. Forget the clock. Finish your first 26.2 with a big smile on your face.

Long-Term Running Goal

Write your bucket list. Anything goes because this is where you’ll discover your motivation and passion for the sport of running. Your goals are entirely your own. Your Twitter buddy may be excited about conquering the famed Leadville 100, and you may want to keep your streak alive at the local St. Paddy’s 5 Miler.

We all have different reasons for running, the most important thing is to enjoy the miles.

Jason Saltmarsh is an RRCA Adult Distance Running Coach and competitive masters runner. He enjoys racing at distances ranging from 5K to the marathon. Jason’s goal is to share with others the benefits and joys of running, fitness and healthy living. For more information, please visit

2014 Twitter Must-Follow

Words matter! Sometimes encouraging words are just what we need to focus our fitness efforts. When they come from our fitness friends sometimes they matter even more. From the experience of another who has been there, who is on the journey with us and has found a way to make their healthy living happen. We carry these words of inspiration with us!

Need motivation in fitness and healthy living? Look no further than our 2014 Twitter Must-Follow List!

THANK YOU ALL for your motivation, expertise, encouragement and inspiration to live healthy and fit.

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@SusanCross1 Susan Campbell Cross

Avoid Winter Weight Gain by Gen Preece

Make this Winter your healthiest and happiest yet with these easy tips on staying trim:
When the days get shorter and the weather colder, it’s no wonder we crave hot ‘comforting’ heavier foods to warm us up. Light refreshing summery salads just aren’t enough and can even leave us feeling cold!

Learn from last year
Think about what you did this time last year and how you felt. Did you over-indulge to the point of needing a new wardrobe? Or did you have a plan? We often reflect during significant times of the year, so trying to learn from past behaviour can only lead to a better outcome.

Understanding why
The underlying reason behind these food cravings is that we were once preparing to hibernate. Dense foods kept us alive through harsh winters, while food sources were scarce. Although on cold winter mornings, many of us wish we were still hibernating (getting dressed under the covers anyone?) this leads to the next point:

Our choices
Start by reading food labels. It is not just about avoiding the usual culprits (refined sugar, wheat, dairy, chemicals…) but having alternatives ready in their place. For example, winter vegetables roasted in coconut oil are an amazing alternative to white potatoes or dishes with heavy sauces. Check out my favourite easy winter soup also. The more your body gets used to receiving nutrient-dense foods, the less it craves unhealthy stuff! A lack of raw fibrous vegetables can cause feelings of lethargy, congestion and even depression. I therefore recommend a mixed salad before your hot dinner. This will also aid digestion and stop you feeling bloated. Keep up your fibre throughout the winter

Warm yourself healthily
Using warming spices is a great way to heat up, as well as encourage your body to burn fat. A few of my favourite ingredients are Turmeric, Cinnamon, Cayenne Pepper and Curry powder. I also add Ginger to my green smoothie and drink at room temperature.

Morning Warm Lemon Water
If you’re a tea drinker, warm lemon water cleanses your liver and perks you up in the morning, without the post-caffeine crash. Warmed unsweetened almond milk with cinnamon is a delicious alternative to lattes. You could even add a teaspoon of raw cacao for a healthy hot chocolate!

So listen to your body and enjoy your seasonal adaptations!

Gen Preece
FASTER Personal Training Southampton

Breakfast Muffins by Shirley Plant

Looking for your on-the-go-breakfast solution? Here you are! Make a few variations sure to please every member of the family.

Breakfast Muffins


3 cups Bob’s Red Mill GF rolled oats
2 tbsp ground flaxseed in 6 tbsp boiling water
2 tsp baking powder
¾ tsp baking soda
2 tsp cinnamon
2 tbsp coconut oil
2 tsp pure vanilla extract
⅓ cup honey
½ cup unsweetened applesauce
⅓ cup hemp seed
pinch sea salt
1 apple, cut into big chunks
handful dried cranberries or raisins
Optional- seeds or chopped nuts


Mix flaxseed and boiling water together in a bowl and let sit. In a food processor blend oats. In a large bowl add in all other ingredients and mix well. Add in flaxseed mixture and oats. Add in apples and spoon mixture into muffin tins. Bake 350F for 20-25 minutes.

Recipe by Shirley Plant- Nutrition Coach and Author of Finally Food I Can Eat. Click here for more information on Shirley’s 21 day challenge,
and check out her website via Follow her on Twitter via @sherrecipes

Giving Back

Get Fit Quick Tip

Need workout motivation? Volunteer for a local sporting event in your town. You’ll motivate your own fitness from the energy of the crowds, and assist fellow athletes. Volunteering is also a great way to check out a sport in which you’re interested in participating. Also consider, recruiting co-workers, friends and family to donate your time together. Check out your local community calendar or google your favorite non-profit for information on your local events. Sign up!

Find everyday, easy and practical healthy living and fitness tips in our Get Fit Quick column.

Do You Believe in Life-Long Learning?

Get Fit Quick Tip

Do you believe in life-long learning?
Set a goal to learn a new exercise or workout skill. Just as our body adapts to our exercise, so does our mind. Regularly rotating in new activities keeps motivation high, interest fresh and fitness gains coming. Set a goal to try a minimum of one new workout or type of exercise each month. This could be a simple as implementing a new walking route on your lunch break, asking to tag along to your friends yoga class or checking out a sporting club in your town.

Check back often for your useful and practical healthy living and fitness tip! Our Get Fit Quick tip will always be easy to remember and you’ll be able to implement it the very same day. Our tip will be so clear and concise you’ll be motivated to forward it to all your friends and family to inspire them to live healthy and fit as well.



Get Fit Quick Tip

Stressed Out? Practice Deep Breathing exercises! Deep breathing is an exercise that may be done anywhere, anytime, and without equipment. Inhale for a count of 2-4. Slowly exhale for a count of 4-6. Repeat every hour on the hour!

Range of Motion/Breathing for Relaxation Combo:
Inhale/Pull your shoulders up to your ears.
Exhale/Pull your shoulders down and back.

Make our Get Fit Quick column your go-to for motivation and inspiration to live healthy!