July 15, 2024

Add-On the Fun by Tera Busker

This is an Add-On Workout. Add on the fun by adding one exercise at a time! Super efficient and super fun.

(Consult your physician before beginning exercise.)

Begin doing #1, then #2, then #1. Then do #3, #2, #1. Repeat until you’ve completed #7- #1.


1.    10 Plank Up Downs
2.    15 Squats
3.    10 Jump Lunges
4.    10 Tricep Dips
5.    10 Pushups
6.    30 Mountain Climbers
7.    10 Burpees

Tera Busker is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and owner of Fitness To Go, an exclusive In Home & Private Studio Personal Training Service based out of Roberts, WI. www.fitnesstogo.net

Avoid Winter Weight Gain by Gen Preece

Make this Winter your healthiest and happiest yet with these easy tips on staying trim:
When the days get shorter and the weather colder, it’s no wonder we crave hot ‘comforting’ heavier foods to warm us up. Light refreshing summery salads just aren’t enough and can even leave us feeling cold!

Learn from last year
Think about what you did this time last year and how you felt. Did you over-indulge to the point of needing a new wardrobe? Or did you have a plan? We often reflect during significant times of the year, so trying to learn from past behaviour can only lead to a better outcome.

Understanding why
The underlying reason behind these food cravings is that we were once preparing to hibernate. Dense foods kept us alive through harsh winters, while food sources were scarce. Although on cold winter mornings, many of us wish we were still hibernating (getting dressed under the covers anyone?) this leads to the next point:

Our choices
Start by reading food labels. It is not just about avoiding the usual culprits (refined sugar, wheat, dairy, chemicals…) but having alternatives ready in their place. For example, winter vegetables roasted in coconut oil are an amazing alternative to white potatoes or dishes with heavy sauces. Check out my favourite easy winter soup also. The more your body gets used to receiving nutrient-dense foods, the less it craves unhealthy stuff! A lack of raw fibrous vegetables can cause feelings of lethargy, congestion and even depression. I therefore recommend a mixed salad before your hot dinner. This will also aid digestion and stop you feeling bloated. Keep up your fibre throughout the winter

Warm yourself healthily
Using warming spices is a great way to heat up, as well as encourage your body to burn fat. A few of my favourite ingredients are Turmeric, Cinnamon, Cayenne Pepper and Curry powder. I also add Ginger to my green smoothie and drink at room temperature.

Morning Warm Lemon Water
If you’re a tea drinker, warm lemon water cleanses your liver and perks you up in the morning, without the post-caffeine crash. Warmed unsweetened almond milk with cinnamon is a delicious alternative to lattes. You could even add a teaspoon of raw cacao for a healthy hot chocolate!

So listen to your body and enjoy your seasonal adaptations!

Gen Preece
FASTER Personal Training Southampton

Do You Believe in Life-Long Learning?

Get Fit Quick Tip

Do you believe in life-long learning?
Set a goal to learn a new exercise or workout skill. Just as our body adapts to our exercise, so does our mind. Regularly rotating in new activities keeps motivation high, interest fresh and fitness gains coming. Set a goal to try a minimum of one new workout or type of exercise each month. This could be a simple as implementing a new walking route on your lunch break, asking to tag along to your friends yoga class or checking out a sporting club in your town.

Check back often for your useful and practical healthy living and fitness tip! Our Get Fit Quick tip will always be easy to remember and you’ll be able to implement it the very same day. Our tip will be so clear and concise you’ll be motivated to forward it to all your friends and family to inspire them to live healthy and fit as well.


Thinking about Another Diet? Think Again! By Gretchen Scalpi

Thinking about Another Diet? Think Again!

For those of you who have made multiple attempts at weight loss, following the latest diet craze is hard to resist.  After all, even though other diets have failed, you may think the latest new diet might finally be “the one that works”.  Remember The Cookie Diet, The Grapefruit Diet, The Cabbage Soup Diet or The HCG diet?  One diet even recommended eating cotton balls before meals!  These crazy ideas can be hazardous to your health.  Do you know anyone who went on a crazy diet, lost weight and kept it off?

Over the years I have met so many people looking for the elusive diet plan that’s going to work for them.  Out of desperation they will try just about anything.  Well, here’s something you ought to know:  Diets are setup to fail!  It’s not the person who fails at dieting, it’s the diet that is a total failure.  Most of these plans are high on promises, but low on sensibility or long-term sustainability.

If you are checking out the latest, greatest diet, here’s a checklist of things to ask before you start yet another plan:

* Does it promise a quick, easy solution or fast weight loss?
* Is it less than 1,200 calories a day?
* Does it have too many rules about what you can and cannot eat?
* Does it eliminate entire food groups?
* Does it have a rigid plan that does not include your food preferences?
* Does it neglect guidelines for how to make healthy lifestyle changes?
* Does it rely on testimonials to show how effective it is?
* Does it focus on the sale of a product, such as special food or exercise equipment, as the sole way to achieve success?

If you came up with an answer of yes for one or more of these questions, you have just found another fad (or very restrictive) diet that’s going to fail you again.  Today there are so many more diet books, diet plans, and diet supplements to lure people into a false hope for quick and easy weight loss.

As unappealing and unexciting as this may sound, the truth of the matter is that there are no quick or easy ways to lose weight.  It takes effort, it takes patience, and most of all it involves making healthy lifestyle changes that are achieved over a period of time!  If you want lasting results, consider working one-on-one with a professional like a Registered Dietitian.

Gretchen Scalpi is a Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator and Certified Wellcoach®. Instead trying another fad diet plan purchase the book Gretchen created for you “The Quick Start Guide To Healthy Eating” at http://www.nutritionxpert.com/the-quick-start-guide.  The companion presentation “Virtual Grocery Store Tour” is available at http://www.nutritionxpert.com/a-virtual-grocery-store-tour/