February 16, 2019

Buddy Up for Core

Fit Body:

Buddy Up for Core

Strengthen your core and have fun with your workout buddy with this dynamic exercise. The medicine ball pass will challenge your coordination, and your muscles. Grab a 2-4lb medicine ball or small stability ball. Stand back to back with your partner. Turn to your side and pass the ball to your partner. Continue passing the ball in one circular direction by rotating your torso for ten reps. Rest for 10-30 seconds, and then reverse the direction.


Is Small Group Fitness For You?

Fit Body:

Consider Small Group Fitness Classes

Check out small group exercise for a motivation boost. Exercising with 3-4 others, instead of 20 others as in group fitness, may just be the workout solution for you. Small groups are not only an economical choice, they hold you accountable and don’t let you get lost in the shuffle of a big gym or crowded class. You’ll get personal attention, a challenging workout and the motivation of others at the same time.  You’ll find:

New friends.

Maybe even a new training partner to meet for workouts outside of your small group.

Friendly competition.

Encouragement and support of your workout (and healthy lifestyle) goals.

Solutions to your fitness challenges.

A fitness mentor in your coach or instructor.


Can you touch your toes?

Fit Body:

Toe Touches for Core

Toe touches work your entire core, hips, legs and arms all in one challenging move. Begin by lying on your back on the floor. Raise both legs up off the floor, with your knees slightly bent. Next, exhale and reach both arms up to touch your shoes. Inhale and lower your upper body only half way down to the floor to complete one rep. Do ten times. For more of a challenge, lift and lower your legs and upper body simultaneously.


*Consult your physician before performing exercise.


Keep an open mind to fitness

Fit Mind:

Keep an open mind.

Instead of being locked in to one fitness routine, at one time, at one place, be open to where your fitness leads you. More importantly, be open to different types of fitness available right in front of you. If you’re finding an obstacle like scheduling, continues to get in your way to consistent fitness, sit quietly and think about a solution. Simply sitting in silence often allows the answer to come to you. There may be a new opportunity here, or a chance to change your approach for the better. For example, you may not always make your cardio class on time, but your daughters tennis practice is held right next to the school track. Any ideas? Another example may be, your lunch time seems to be shorter and shorter because of work pressure, but perhaps your morning walk with your dog can be filled with jogging intervals. Instead of becoming frustrated at what life throws your way, become open at how you can make it work. There’s always a way. Sit quietly, think about your fitness and healthy lifestyle, and see what ideas float in and out of your mind.

Healthy Lifestyle Step 1: Complete ONE Action

Fit Mind:

Complete 1 Action.

Anyone can have a plan, but the plan only works when you TAKE ACTION. Don’t know where to start? Feeling anxious and overloaded? Afraid to do healthy living wrong? Use your energy, fear and anxiety to take action, do something, execute your plan. Here’s how to start RIGHT NOW:

Drink 1 glass of pure water.

Take a 10 minute walk.

Choose extra veggies at your meal.

Skip one sugary drink.

Take 3 deep breaths.




Small fitness steps stick

Fit Mind:

Celebrate small steps!

Your fitness is cumulative. Not one workout will make or break your fitness. Fitness sticks with small changes. Set a mini weekly goal to maintain your focus. For example: Set a goal to complete 4 cardio workouts lasting of 30 minutes each. Set a goal to complete 3 strength workouts. Set a goal to do your stretching routine daily after work. Short term and long term goals are great, but mini weekly goals will keep your interest and motivation high.

Total Body Exercise

Fit Body:

Posterior Leg Raise

The posterior leg raise should really be called the total body exercise because it strengthens your entire body in one move. You’ll be strengthening all the muscles of the leg you’re lifting. You’ll be building muscle endurance and balance on the stationary leg, and you’re working core too. Stand on your right leg only. Lift your left leg straight up behind your body about 6 inches. Pause for one second, and then slowly lower. Do 10 reps in a slow and controlled manner. The key is to keep your shoulders down and back, and keep your torso completely still. Repeat the move standing on your left leg, and lift and lower your right leg.


Plank… Plus!

Fit Body:

Plank with Side Step

Begin in a plank position. Keeping your upper body in one place, and stabilizing your core. Step your right foot to the side about six inches, pause for a few seconds, and then return to your starting position. Next, step your left foot the side about six inches, pause, and then return to your starting position. Repeat 10 times.


Intro to a Pushup

Fit Body:

Intro to a Pushup

The challenge of a push up for many is the core stability needed to maintain your torso and hip position. Master proper core stability of your pushup by making your knees, instead of your toes, the pivot point at first. Here’s how: Place both knees on the floor and hold both feet up off the floor. Next, place both hands slightly wider than shoulder-width flat on the floor. Pull your belly button up toward your spine to maintain your torso position. Then, bend both elbows lowering your chest to the floor. Finally, straighten both elbows and push your body up to complete one rep.

Core and Legs Combo

Fit Body:

Core and Legs Combo

Work your core and legs together with this super-effective exercise. Begin without weight and master form first. Here’s how: Lie on your back, with both knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Next straighten your right leg and lift it up so your heel is facing the ceiling. Next, raise your right arm straight up so it is also perpendicular to the floor. In one motion, lower your right leg so it’s parallel to the floor, and your right arm straight overhead. Exhale and return to your starting position. Begin with 10 reps, then release. Keep your belly button in tight and your torso still. Repeat with your left leg and left arm.


*This exercise is for intermediate exercisers without injury concerns.