December 14, 2018

Find your Fitness Second Gear

Fit Mind:

Find Your Fitness Second Gear!

When the going get tough, the tough _______! Or do you back down and back off? Find your fitness second gear by:

Practice clearing your mind of distractions and over-thinking what you’re doing. Choose one word to repeat over and over again until your mind is clear.

Focus on your inhale and exhale by counting out load. Count your inhale to 2-3 seconds and your exhale of 3-4 seconds. Repeat.

Choose someone who inspires you and repeat their name as you move through your fitness challenge. Dedicating your effort to a loved one will give you power and focus to complete the task at hand.


Make Workout Prep a Priority

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Weekly Workout Prep!

Once Monday hits, the week rolls fast and life gets busy. Make your fitness as convenient as possible so less time is wasted when schedules are tight. Make sure you have what you need for your workout, when you need it. Plan for your workouts for the week NOW!

1. Workouts planned and logged into your calendar.

2. Workout clothing washed, folded and packed in your drawer or gym bag. Shoes too!

3. Water bottle cleaned, filled and chilled.

4. Healthy pre and post-workout snacks portioned and packed in your container or bags.

5. Gym bag placed by the front door.