July 13, 2024

Healthy Lifestyle Step 1: Complete ONE Action

Fit Mind:

Complete 1 Action.

Anyone can have a plan, but the plan only works when you TAKE ACTION. Don’t know where to start? Feeling anxious and overloaded? Afraid to do healthy living wrong? Use your energy, fear and anxiety to take action, do something, execute your plan. Here’s how to start RIGHT NOW:

Drink 1 glass of pure water.

Take a 10 minute walk.

Choose extra veggies at your meal.

Skip one sugary drink.

Take 3 deep breaths.




Celebrate YOUR Fitness!

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Celebrate YOUR fitness!

All the early morning workouts, the lunch time exercise, the weekend classes, packing your gym bag, planning healthy meals, filling your water bottles, and so on. You’ve worked hard for your fitness, celebrate your efforts! Recognize your progress no matter how far you’ve come OR how far you still plan to go. Your commitment is important, and you never know who you are inspiring. Celebrate your fitness by:

Pay it forward. Know a fellow exerciser who is struggling with exercise motivation? Reach out an offer a few encouraging words, a text, an email, a phone call or simply a smile.

Say Thank You. Say thank you to those who have helped your fitness journey.

Acknowledge your progress. Pull out your old workout logs for visual reinforcement of your progress. Pull out old race photos and relive your most fun fitness day.

Do you inspire health and fitness? Thank You! By Nicole Bryan

To Those Who Inspire Fitness- Thank You!

Some days we are unable to do it for ourselves, but a few simple words of encouragement from someone else (sometimes even a stranger) can give us the energy to keep moving forward in our fitness journey. You never know who you will inspire and those that have inspired you may never know of their impact- here’s your opportunity, and your challenge for the week:

Everyone likes to hear a “THANK YOU- you have made a difference in my life.” A simple word, email, text of “thanks for your fitness/healthy living encouragement, it made a difference for me” just may make their day or week, or even their year. Show gratitude to those who have inspired your fitness and healthy living by paying it forward and passing along your motivation to inspire others. Consider these acts of generosity, just to name a few:

Tell them! Say thank you directly. Give a shout out to your training buddies next time one of them paces your run or thank your boss for offering a corporate wellness program, for example.

Share with them your current activity. Email them a recent race photo, they’ll love it! Let them know you’ve kept it up.

Recommit to your initial goal. Everyone falls off their fitness program every so often, use the energy of how they encouraged you and recommit. No one is perfect and no one can be 100% motivated, 100% of the time. Take one step today to get going again.

Donate equipment you’re no longer using to inspire kids and fitness. Requirements and guidelines vary from district to district so your best bet is to call your local junior high and high school directly. Ask if they’ll accept used gym and fitness equipment.

Offering a Thank You to your fitness mentor never goes out of style! Acknowledge your gratitude and pay your fitness-motivation forward- Who can YOU encourage? If you know someone struggling with their workout goals, offer a few words of encouragement or motivation.

Stage your Comeback! By Nicole Bryan

What’s your comeback story?

Look to those you know who’ve staged an exercise comeback after a setback for inspiration and motivation. One thing all comebacks have in common whether sports related, work related or otherwise; the comeback kid always says all the hard work was worthwhile. No one has ever regretted it.

Here are 6 steps to stage your best comeback yet!

Review. Retrace steps to determine where you strayed from your goal.

Research. Are there pieces of the puzzle that you’ve been missing? Maybe there is a new technology or method to make your goal easier to accomplish.

Be Vulnerable. Everyone makes mistakes and poor decisions. Don’t be afraid to let others know you’ve slacked off in your progress. If they know you are struggling, they may be able to help get you back on track.

Progress is Cumulative. Even if you falter on your way to your goal, exercise is cumulative. Every little bit counts. Stay out of the all or none mindset. You are not starting at zero again, simply start where you are!

Accept Responsibility. YOU ate the cookies, YOU slept in, YOU skipped your run. Take responsibility, and then move on.

Leave the Past in the Past. Focus forward. The past is the past, so leave it there. Acknowledge it, learn from it and then let it go.

So if you’ve strayed from your exercise and fitness goal, stage your comeback. A comeback takes planning, consistency, hard work and dedication…and you’ll never regret it!

Fitness Goals: The Mental Side by Tera Busker

So much attention is focused on the physical side of goal setting, but what about the mental and emotional aspect of striving to reach a goal that’s important to you? Train and prepare your mind, as well as your body. Only then will your experience be complete…and more enjoyable!

Every day is a new day, a new week and a new chance to start working towards your goals. So, what are goals exactly? Goals are something that are within your reach that you WANT. It may take WORK to reach them, but the WANT will carry you to them.

Enjoy the journey. Sometimes we get stuck in the “work” part of the goal. It’s too hard, it’s too far away, it will take too long, and we forget about why we wanted to reach the goal in the first place. The fire that burned inside of us, the excitement, the JOY. Your goal is obviously something that you want and is going to be awesome when you reach it, so why not enjoy the journey until you get there?

Focus on the positive. You are working towards something positive, so if you stay positive and focus on how great the changes are, you will keep moving forward. If you get stuck in the negative or keep looking for the negative, you will have an awful time.

Your experience is your choice. You may struggle or have bad days, but look at those as lessons learned. You found a way that doesn’t keep you on track, so don’t go down that path again. See, negative into a positive. You are the one who is on this journey – you control how you experience it. You can make the best of it or you can make the worst of it.


Tera Busker is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and owner of Fitness To Go, an exclusive In Home & Private Studio Personal Training Service based out of Roberts, WI. www.fitnesstogo.net

Ready, Set, GOAL! By Tera Busker

Ready, set, GOAL!

You have been training and working hard towards a goal and BAM – you hit a road block. Whether it be an injury, a change in plans or an act of God, you are sidelined. You now have 2 choices. You can A) give up or B) get back in the game. You don’t have to let a setback be the end of your journey – you can take the opportunity to view it as a set UP to a new goal.

A Goal Within A Goal

Many athletes train for a particular event only to be stopped in their tracks by an injury. They don’t give up and throw in the towel.  They reassess their overall goal by reaching for a new goal – recovery. Their eyes are still on the big prize, but they have to work on a new goal in order to get back in the game. Take a cue from them and set yourself up for a new venture. As you heal , try a new activity like yoga or swimming. As you recover, you can still “compete” by challenging yourself to learn and perfect a new pose or stroke.

Change Of Plans

Maybe your setback was due to change of plans on your part or the event itself. This happens A LOT to runners because of poor weather conditions. It’s very frustrating, but if you trained for a race your training doesn’t have to be for nothing. Find another race! Running a race that you don’t have planned or is unfamiliar to you can be exciting and fun. If finding another race is not an option, then run your own race. When the weather improves or your schedule clears up, map out the distance you planned to run and get after it. You may not get a finisher medal, but knowing you stuck with it is reward enough.

It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over

Sometimes setbacks actually mean giving up on your goal. Things happen that can permanently halt your progress, but don’t let it stop you from excelling. Find a new goal that fits into your life and your abilities but also takes you out of your comfort zone. The fear of something new and challenging can be refreshing and exciting. Excel. No matter what your setback is, don’t let it get you down. It may take you a little longer to reach your goal or take you in a totally different  direction, but you can still persevere.

Tera Busker is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and owner of Fitness To Go, an exclusive In Home & Private Studio Personal Training Service based out of Roberts, WI. www.fitnesstogo.net

Are you stronger than your exercise excuses? By Nicole Bryan

Go ahead and try…to get out of it! Yes, there will be days exercise simply won’t fit into your schedule easily; unexpected errands, family emergencies, work projects out of our control. Ultimately, the decision has to be yours and yours alone. My challenge to you is to work to overcome your excuse. Which is your favorite? Bet it’s on the list. Take a look!

I don’t know what to do. Research your options. Talk to your friends and ask what they do for exercise. Ask them if there’s a particular exercises, class or club they enjoy participating in.

Exercise hurts. The bottom line is exercise should not hurt. If your workout hurts, change it.

I don’t want to exercise with others. If you spend all day interacting with others, it makes sense you’d look to your workout for time alone to recharge. Taking a walk is a great option. Or there’s always the option to wear your headphones, with the music off!

I don’t want to exercise alone. If your workout is a social outlet for you, check out one of the many classes, clubs and activities offered around town. There are many recreation sports clubs and city-league teams in which you may participate. There are also many non-profit events year-round which is a great way to meet others with similar interests.

I’m just not motivated. One of the best ways to overcome lack of motivation is to set goals. Set short term goals, as well as long term goals. Break them down and chart your progress.

I can’t afford a gym. Purchase a DVD or Exercise Video. Check out classes offered for nominal fees or no fee such as the adult education program, non-profit classes and city recreation programs.

I’m too tired. Exercise will give you energy. Exercising forces us to breathe deeply. Doing so, decreases stress, muscle tension and helps clear our minds. When you’re feeling tired and sluggish one of the best things you can do is move!

I don’t like to exercise! If you don’t like (at least a little bit) the activity you’re doing, find a new activity! There really is a mode of exercise for everyone. Keep trying a different program until you find one that suits and interests you. And remember, any movement or activity is better than nothing.

I don’t have the time! When something is important we always find the time, don’t we? And bottom line is sometimes we just have to make the time. Scheduling your workouts in your planner will help you carve the time out of your day. Telling friends your plan and goals and asking them to hold you accountable is also helpful.

As you can see, virtually every excuse can be overcome. There is always an answer; if you are stumped it just means you haven’t thought of the solution yet, it doesn’t mean there is no solution. Keep at it until you find the magic combination for your individual fitness goals.

Choosing Health Resolutions that Stick! By Andrea D’Ambrosio, RD

How to Choose Health Resolutions You WILL Keep:

What is the point of making a resolution for living better, healthier lives if it is not maintainable? Here are my 4 best tips for weight loss and great health. All my tips are achievable and sustainable!

1. Focus on “life-long change” – Ditch all those fad diets, the hunger strikes, the elimination diets and take charge of your health with real foods that taste good! Remember that any valiant effort to lose weight that involves deprivation and/or extreme exercise is unsustainable; you will eventually default to your old habits. Strategies that are enjoyable are sustainable!

2. Fill up with Fibre: Fibre fills us up on few calories; it slows digestion, lowers cholesterol and stabilizes blood sugars. Choose whole grains (ie. oatmeal, quinoa, brown rice, barley) and b-fast cereals with more than five grams of fibre per serving. Add 1.5 Tbsp of chia seeds to cereal and yogurt to boost fibre at a meal or snack.

3. Take the stairs: Taking the stairs burns twice the number of calories as walking. Stair climbers also have greater leg strength and better aerobic capacity. Climbing just two flights of stairs daily could equate to a 6 pound weight loss per year. Similarly, if you did six flights a day, this could be a 18 pound weight loss over one year.

4. Learn to cook! We have become increasingly dependent upon processed, convenience and restaurant meals. Similarly, our taste buds have become accustomed to crave these types of high fat, salt laden and high sugar foods. Cook your own food more often to improve your dietary quality and decrease your reliance on processed foods. Your waistline will
thank you for it!

Andrea D’Ambrosio is a Registered Dietitian and owner of Dietetic Directions, a dietary counseling and education company in Waterloo, ON. (www.dieteticdirections.com). Follow her on twitter @DambrosioRD or like her page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/andredambrosiord

Stop Trying and Start Doing! by Joanne P. Stein

Why aren’t you manifesting according to your timelines or specifications?

It’s because we often don’t take the necessary actions to make dreams become reality and it starts by our use of one little three-letter word — TRY.


Set a clear intention of what you want. This can be a financial goal, a health goal, a relationship goal or any other type of goal that will give you more joy in your life.

Take Action. Don’t just try to do a little bit more, actually do it! Have you ever noticed that the harder you try, the less you get accomplished? Why is that? From my perspective, it seems like when I’m trying I have an underlying assumption of failure. It’s as if I’m making an excuse for why I won’t be able to accomplish something. If you heard someone say “I’m trying to get the report finished on time”, how would you interpret it? Would you have confidence that the report would be ready on time?  Probably not. More likely, you’d assume that it wouldn’t be completed on time and you’d probably be right.

Start doing. Trying will give you excuses while doing will get you results. The difference between trying and doing is in your attitude. Trust that you’ll succeed rather than fail and then roll up your sleeves and get to work. Remove the word “trying” from your vocabulary, and notice how much that simple step clarifies your activities. You’re either doing it or you’re not. You’re either taking action or you’re not.

Forget about trying. Trying is barely more effective than idle wishing. Stop trying and get going even if it’s just one baby-step at a time. You eventually will realize that the way you treat yourself, others, and planet earth determines the quality of your life.  Instead of “trying” we’re “doing” and our life changes for the better.

So what positive step can you take NOW that will bring you closer to achieving the type of life you really want? Go for it!

By Joanne P. Stein, Joyologist, www.bestcoach4u.com

JUMP IN…and experience the POWER IN A GROUP!

JUMP IN to 2013!
So you’ve committed to a New Year’s Resolution to get healthy once and for all. One of the best ways to stay on track, for any goal really, is to find an accountability group.  In an accountability group you’ll find a mentor. A mentor is one who has already accomplished what you desire or who is simply further along the path. With this comes valuable insight and advice! You’ll enjoy empowerment and inspiration in an accountability group. For example, maybe it’s a new runner who just completed his/her first 5K race. Perhaps it’s someone who is juggling the demands of parenting and still continues to attend spin class three times each week. Or maybe it’s someone whose job requires a hefty travel schedule and yet still finds a way to eat healthy while on the road.

It is this solution that Health Your Way Online is wishing to provide YOU, and so specific New Year’s Resolution Support twitter chats have been created: Our Motivational Monday Live Chats begin TODAY and happen every Monday in January with the focus of supporting YOUR healthy living in the new year.

During our chat’s you’ll meet others with similar goals. You’ll be a mentor for some, and others will serve as a mentor for you. The camaraderie runs deep in the Healthy Living world! We know there is power in a group. If you have a specific question, there will be someone who has solved this challenge previous and can provide guidance. If you’re needing encouragement, there will be one who is having an awesome day, when you’re day has been a tough one. If you’re looking for a resource, there will be someone who has already found what you’re looking for. We’ll cover a wide variety of topics, tips and resources.

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