July 15, 2024

Do you inspire health and fitness? Thank You! By Nicole Bryan

To Those Who Inspire Fitness- Thank You!

Some days we are unable to do it for ourselves, but a few simple words of encouragement from someone else (sometimes even a stranger) can give us the energy to keep moving forward in our fitness journey. You never know who you will inspire and those that have inspired you may never know of their impact- here’s your opportunity, and your challenge for the week:

Everyone likes to hear a “THANK YOU- you have made a difference in my life.” A simple word, email, text of “thanks for your fitness/healthy living encouragement, it made a difference for me” just may make their day or week, or even their year. Show gratitude to those who have inspired your fitness and healthy living by paying it forward and passing along your motivation to inspire others. Consider these acts of generosity, just to name a few:

Tell them! Say thank you directly. Give a shout out to your training buddies next time one of them paces your run or thank your boss for offering a corporate wellness program, for example.

Share with them your current activity. Email them a recent race photo, they’ll love it! Let them know you’ve kept it up.

Recommit to your initial goal. Everyone falls off their fitness program every so often, use the energy of how they encouraged you and recommit. No one is perfect and no one can be 100% motivated, 100% of the time. Take one step today to get going again.

Donate equipment you’re no longer using to inspire kids and fitness. Requirements and guidelines vary from district to district so your best bet is to call your local junior high and high school directly. Ask if they’ll accept used gym and fitness equipment.

Offering a Thank You to your fitness mentor never goes out of style! Acknowledge your gratitude and pay your fitness-motivation forward- Who can YOU encourage? If you know someone struggling with their workout goals, offer a few words of encouragement or motivation.

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