July 13, 2024

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Logging your Workout: Worthwhile or Waste of Time?

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Log it!

Logging workouts is a great way to stay motivated. Whether via an app, through notes on your phone, laptop or with good ole pen and paper, tracking your workouts gives each workout a focus and purpose. Keeping a detailed workout log:

Offers Feedback. Simply put, are you ON-pace or OFF-pace of your goal? Whether you track workouts based on number of days, minutes or workouts, feedback is clear.

Provides Reinforcement. In other words, workout +workout +workout, builds momentum and motivation to keep it up! Looking at your workout notes reinforces your efforts and in turn your results, or lack thereof. You are getting stronger. You are losing inches. You are making progress.

Reveals Patterns. Through a written log, both positive and negative patterns are obvious. For example, do you tend to skip workouts on Wednesdays? Set yourself up for success and move your rest day to Wednesday. Do most of your high intensity workouts happen on Saturday? Schedule those workouts intentionally, knowing you’re rested from being able to sleep in on the weekend.

Finding what works for you is the key to consistency. Consistency is key to results. Logging is essential to finding what works best for your body, your schedule and your fitness goals, all with no time wasted.

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Build your Fitness this Winter by Nicole Bryan

You’re hearing the murmurings and mumblings…winter is coming.  Take advantage of the “off-season”, and wait out winter by trying group exercise classes. Prepare for spring and outdoor athletics now with fun indoor group exercise. Always consult your physician before beginning exercise.

Indoor cycling classes. Group indoor stationary cycling classes have become main stay at most fitness facilities. For your first class, you’ll be met by the instructor who will offer a proper bike fit. There are varying adjustments on the bikes and it’s important that the bike fits appropriately for an effective workout. You’ll try moves like standing hill climbs, seated climbing and sprints. Indoor cycling classes are useful for those interested in learning proper cycling form, as well as picking up some fun drills to transfer to your riding on the road. You’ll finish with a cool down and a stretch; always a useful reminder of productive stretches to do after every ride.

Suspension training. Suspension workouts involve using body weight as resistance. Offered through classes with an instructor you’ll be guided through a workout involving pushing and pulling movements at various angles. This type of training is a great workout for total body strength. The workout requires to use your muscles how you use them in every day function, in groups and in patterns. It also challenges your posture muscles, as it requires holding your body straight.

Pilates mat classes. Mat classes lead by an instructor offer a super effective floor based workout. This takes an everyday abdominal workout way beyond endless crunches. You’ll learn what everyone means when they refer to the “core,” and more than that…you’ll feel every muscle in the core! Even more important is you’ll learn tricks of the trade to do daily as you’re going about your day to engage and strengthen your muscles. Mat classes are not only a workout, but an education as to how your body works.

Boot camp classes. If your warm weather outdoor hobby or sport involves upper body strength like kayaking or paddle boarding, check out a boot camp style class. Usually a fast paced circuit format class, you won’t even have a chance to look at your watch! Squat down, jump up, sprint forward, side shuffle to your right are just a few of the moves you’ll repeat. What tends to be a high intensity workout, you’ll strengthen not only every muscle in your upper body and lower body, but your heart as well. The camaraderie is what many report as their favorite benefit of boot camp style classes. The creative moves which require every ounce of concentration, along with the constant challenging hustle and bustle keeps motivation high.

Start building your springtime sport and hobby fitness base now by taking advantage of indoor exercise classes. Group fitness classes may be just the way to go; you’ll pick up workout tips, discover new drills applicable to your outdoor spring and summertime hobby, and maybe even meet a new training buddy or two. You’ll enter spring stronger, leaner and way ahead of the game!


*Disclaimer: Result may vary from person to person.


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Could this spice ease muscle soreness? By Tera Busker

Turmeric has been getting a lot of attention in the health and fitness industry lately. You may know turmeric as a spicy, golden powder in curry recipes that gives Indian dishes its incredible flavor. But, what you may not know about turmeric is that it can help you recover from your next workout.

What is turmeric?

Turmeric comes from the root of the Curcuma longa plant and has a tough brown skin and a deep orange flesh which resembles the ginger root. Curcumin, the main active compound in turmeric which gives it the bright color, is loaded with health benefits. For years, naturopaths have been prescribing turmeric and curcumin to treat a number of ailments such as:
high blood pressure
joint pain

Most recently, a new, double-blind, randomized-controlled study published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology in March 2015 found that curcumin can help reduce pain associated with delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and aid muscle recovery in physically active people. Participants in the study were given curcumin twice daily and asked to perform a heavy eccentric exercise.  They were monitored for 2 days and the researchers not only found that the curcumin helped reduce DOMS, but also improved the participants performance due to the anti-inflammatory properties.


Turmeric or curcumin can be taken in pill form or in the whole form as a spice. If you are choosing to supplement your diet in pill form, either with turmeric or curcumin alone, make sure to seek out a brand that contains the compound piperine, which will aid in absorption. If you would rather consume turmeric “as is”, select an organic, non-irradiated brand that is packed with naturally occurring curcumin.

Please note that turmeric and curcumin supplements are not suitable for pregnant women or individuals with bile duct dysfunction or gallstones. Turmeric also has the ability to slow the clotting of blood so it should not be mixed with blood thinners or taken within 2 weeks of any type of surgery. Consult your doctor before beginning any supplementation regime.

Tera Busker is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and owner of Fitness To Go, an exclusive In Home & Private Studio Personal Training Service based out of Roberts, WI.www.fitnesstogo.net

Be a Beginner…Again by Nicole Bryan

In a workout slump? One of the best ways to increase motivation is to try a new activity. For many, merely the thought of being the new kid in class conjures up uncomfortable feelings and images of being lost or not performing correctly. However, as adults, we are in charge of how we can approach a new activity with confidence, humility and yes, even a sense of humor.

If you’ve been in the fitness world for a while, you may have forgotten what it feels like to be a beginner. Consider it! You may even find a new sport, workout or physical activity to love. If you’ve been thinking of trying a new exercise, make TODAY the day you become a beginner, yet again. Go ahead, get comfortable with being uncomfortable. I dare you!

Here’s how to make being a beginner a little less scary:

Talk to friends. Actually, talk to everyone and anyone you know who has participated in the activity you are considering. As them what they like and don’t like about the activity. Ask them what location, instructor, gear and technique they recommend. Also, ask what initial fitness capabilities are required.

Google it. Let’s face it, we’re no longer in a not-knowing age of technology. Simply do a search online. Play connect-the-dots with the information you find, and see where it leads you.

Request a guest pass. If you’re unsure if you’ll like the activity, save some money up front by asking for a guest pass. Many facilities and even instructors allow a first-visit-free opportunity. You’ll never know if there are discounts or free trials available unless you ask!

Try and try again. Instead of discounting the new activity right off the bat after a unpleasant experience, give it at least three attempts on three different days. Sometimes it’s a matter of finding a the right fit of location, instructor personality or class participants.

Learning takes time! You didn’t just walk on to the tennis court the first time and score an ace, so why would you expect to instantly master the skills needed during your first try? Learning is half the fun after all! Cut yourself a break, and remind yourself that learning a new activity takes time.

Is Walking Worth It? By Nicole Bryan

If you think all cardio has to be high intensity, all out, all the time, to gain health benefits, think again! Walking is a realistic, sustainable, effective and efficient cardiovascular exercise option for many. Proper walking for fitness form is important for increased efficiency. Increased efficiency means increased effectiveness, decreased risk of injury, reduced risk of falling, increased energy and sustainability of intensity during the workout.

Here are a few quality control check points to be aware of during your walking workout:

Even stride length between your right leg and your left leg. Uneven stride length could signal dysfunction of how your body is moving, which may lead to injury.

Walking in a heel to toe pattern. Walking flat-footed increases risk of falling. Walking or shuffling feet also decreases the distance covered (decreases energy expenditure) of each step.

Proper spinal alignment. Avoid the forward shoulders hunched over and head forward posture by keeping your ears lined up over your shoulders. Keep your shoulders lined up over your hips, hold your chin parallel to the floor, and keep your feet pointing forward.

Here are exercises to gain additional benefits and effectiveness in your walking for fitness workout:

Focus on increasing the turn-over of your steps. Basically shorten your stride and step faster. Moving at a faster pace will increase energy expenditure and burn more calories.

Power from your arms. Move more muscles, burn more calories.

Pull your belly button in, and pull your shoulders down and back. Why not get a core workout and strengthen your posture muscles at the same time? The result is additional benefit out of the same effort.

Practice deep breathing while walking. Slowly inhale through your nose for a count of 4, exhale out your mouth for a count of 6. The result will be an increase in energy and decrease in stress.

Does walking offer health benefits? YES! Choose to move your body aerobically, on a regular basis. Find what you enjoy, and you’ll enjoy doing it.

What’s the BEST workout? By Jennifer Austin

Question: What is the best workout? Answer: The workout you’ll do! The list of possible exercise is endless. Choosing what to do for exercise is really very simple: Go back to the basics of finding what you enjoy. If you enjoy what you’re doing, you’ll want to be doing it! And when you want to be doing an activity, you’ll increase your effort. Effort is where results happen. Design your exercise according to an activity you enjoy.

Ask yourself the following five questions:

Does the activity fill you with ease?
Do you look forward to this activity?
Do you feel physically, psychologically and emotionally better after?
Do you miss the activity when you’re away from it?
Does the activity feel natural and comfortable (doesn’t feel painful) in your body?

Find what activity promotes a “yes” answer to the previous questions, and that’s where you should begin. Here are a few ideas for common activities with fitness-focused progressions to get you started:

If you like to walk, take one day a week and extend your walk to slightly longer than your usual duration. A great way to make your walk longer is to plan for a destination walk. Head to a different neighborhood and explore, for example. You’ll be distracted by new surroundings you’ll hardly notice the longer time spent walking. Adding on in 5 minutes increments is a good way to build fitness into your walk. Build on from there to create an unaccustomed effect on your body.

If you like to ride your bike, think about organizing a work or neighborhood bike club to prepare for an organized ride. Gathering a group of friends together at a set time and place each week to prepare for a ride will add consistency into your bike schedule. Riding with others is also a great way to learn new techniques and bike handling skills to make riding more effective. Combining bike riding with a task is also a great way to make use of the time that would otherwise spend sitting in your car. For example, have to drop something off at a friend’s house, ride your bike there! Have to pick up something small at the store, hop on your bike.

If you like to jog, try adding in a few sprint intervals. If you’re used to jogging the same loop, the same speed the same days of the week, your results probably ceased awhile ago. Adding in sprints increases intensity, which is great for burning calories. Sprint to a landmark on your route or sprint according to your watch. Finding hills to jog also makes for a great muscle loading workout.

Designing your exercise around what you love to do is a great start toward fitness. Most important when just starting out, is not always what you’re doing but that you are in fact, doing something to challenge your heart, lungs and muscles!

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