May 22, 2024


Get Fit Quick Tip:

Participate in a Race!

Competition doesn’t always have to be intense, anxiety-inducing and stressful. Racing can, in fact, be motivating, inspiring and fun! Not only does racing yield physical benefits, but many non-physical benefits as well. Here are 3 non-physical benefits of racing and why you shouldn’t automatically rule it out in your athletic journey:

Racing allows time alone with your thoughts. That’s right, if you’re always running here and there, racing allows a set period of time to RELAX, take in the view and gather your thoughts. Or simply blank your mind and don’t think about anything at all!

Racing can be FUN. Remember your care-free days of dashing around the playground at school, or racing through the park with friends? Unless you’re competing for sponsors or qualifications, racing can be pure, easy, adult-allowed FUN.

Racing feeds your spirit. Yes, competition is a great workout. However, racing will also feed your spirit as you witness the friendship among athletes who have just met, the encouragement one athlete offers to another, the support and genuine care volunteers give to competitors. Allow these actions to move you and feed your motivation.

Need Exercise Inspiration?

GET INSPIRED with #HealthyWayMag Fitness Chat every Monday at 5pm(Pacific)/8pm(Eastern) on Twitter! Every person experiences a slump or setback on your fitness journey. Most important is to not let bumps in the road derail your efforts entirely! Get back on track by relying on others for encouragement, support and accountability. Join our weekly fitness chat on twitter for workout tips, ideas, support and accountability. Stay strong, stay focused and stay inspired!

Here’s how to join:
Log onto your Twitter account and follow @HealthyWayMag to view the chat questions.

Questions for discussion will be posted as Question 1, “Q1″, Question 2, “Q2″ and so on.

Offer your opinion and experience via answers to Question 1 noted as “A1″, designating your answer to Question 2 as “A2″ and so on.

Chat with others, exchange ideas and have fun!

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Once a week for workout motivation

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Commit to a Standing Meet-Up!

Find one person who can commit to meeting you once a week for a regular workout together! The workout type can rotate or be the same type of exercise each week. The standing meet-up will:

Force you to re-commit to fitness every week.

Build momentum toward your health goal.

Set a fun tone to exercise.

Provide accountability.

Give you a workout to look forward to each week.

Challenge you to workout harder.

Encourage exercise consistency.

Keep healthy living a priority in your schedule.

Push you to try new exercises or a new workout.




ENERGIZE your workout!

ENERGIZE your workout every Monday at 5pm(Pacific)/8pm(Eastern) with #HealthyWayMag Fitness Chat on Twitter! Pick up fitness tips, workout ideas and exercise support.

The benefit of having training partners is when you don’t feel up to working out, they do! Workout partners also offer accountability to log each workout with full effort and attention. Rely on training partners to offer a motivation pick-up on those days when you’re stressed or distracted. Often you’ll even gain energy from workout partners! Consider #HealthyWayMag Fitness Chat your virtual training partner. We’ve got your motivation and accountability covered!

Here’s how to join:

Log into Twitter.

Enter #HealthyWayMag to follow the chat feed.

Questions for discussion will be posed as Question 1 noted as “Q1″, Question 2 as “Q2″, and so on. Offer your answer as Answer to Question 1, “A1″, and so on.

Interact with others, chat, and have fun!



Stop Trying and Start Doing! by Joanne P. Stein

Why aren’t you manifesting according to your timelines or specifications?

It’s because we often don’t take the necessary actions to make dreams become reality and it starts by our use of one little three-letter word — TRY.


Set a clear intention of what you want. This can be a financial goal, a health goal, a relationship goal or any other type of goal that will give you more joy in your life.

Take Action. Don’t just try to do a little bit more, actually do it! Have you ever noticed that the harder you try, the less you get accomplished? Why is that? From my perspective, it seems like when I’m trying I have an underlying assumption of failure. It’s as if I’m making an excuse for why I won’t be able to accomplish something. If you heard someone say “I’m trying to get the report finished on time”, how would you interpret it? Would you have confidence that the report would be ready on time?  Probably not. More likely, you’d assume that it wouldn’t be completed on time and you’d probably be right.

Start doing. Trying will give you excuses while doing will get you results. The difference between trying and doing is in your attitude. Trust that you’ll succeed rather than fail and then roll up your sleeves and get to work. Remove the word “trying” from your vocabulary, and notice how much that simple step clarifies your activities. You’re either doing it or you’re not. You’re either taking action or you’re not.

Forget about trying. Trying is barely more effective than idle wishing. Stop trying and get going even if it’s just one baby-step at a time. You eventually will realize that the way you treat yourself, others, and planet earth determines the quality of your life.  Instead of “trying” we’re “doing” and our life changes for the better.

So what positive step can you take NOW that will bring you closer to achieving the type of life you really want? Go for it!

By Joanne P. Stein, Joyologist,

Second-Chance Summertime Shape-Up

Second-Chance Summer time Shape Up
It’s not too late to get fit and get healthy. It’s never too late to take control of your fitness! Start TODAY- here’s how:

When: Monday’s 5pm(pacific)/ 8pm(eastern)
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Wondering how to bust through a fitness plateau? Worried how to get your workout back on track after a setback? Not getting the exercise results you’d like? Find your Fitness Answers by participating in our Live Fitness Chat on Twitter!

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Motivate YOUR Fitness

Motivate YOUR Fitness with Health Your Way Online’s Motivational-Monday Live Fitness Chat on Twitter.

If you’re hitting the mid-year slump, if you’ve fallen off your fitness track, if you’re having trouble getting inspired to stick with it…your motivation-solution is HERE! Stick with your exercise this summer and find your fitness motivation by picking up tips from experts and fellow exercisers, staying up to date with what’s new and exciting in the exercise world, get answers to your exercise questions, even participate in virtual-events!

Fitness Chat Summer Series begins June 3rd!

When: Monday’s 5pm(pacific)/ 8pm(eastern)
Where: On Twitter at #HealthyWayMag

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