June 16, 2024

Motivate YOUR Fitness

Motivate YOUR Fitness with Health Your Way Online’s Motivational-Monday Live Fitness Chat on Twitter.

If you’re hitting the mid-year slump, if you’ve fallen off your fitness track, if you’re having trouble getting inspired to stick with it…your motivation-solution is HERE! Stick with your exercise this summer and find your fitness motivation by picking up tips from experts and fellow exercisers, staying up to date with what’s new and exciting in the exercise world, get answers to your exercise questions, even participate in virtual-events!

Fitness Chat Summer Series begins June 3rd!

When: Monday’s 5pm(pacific)/ 8pm(eastern)
Where: On Twitter at #HealthyWayMag

Health Your Way Online proudly presents our Summer Series Motivational-Monday Live Fitness Chat Sponsors. We have done the research for you; these products are credible, effective and worthwhile. Check them out to learn how they can help you live healthy!

ENERGYbits®. This high protein, low calorie snack gives unlimited energy as it is 100% organic spirulina algae. Spirulina contains as much gram for gram of calcium as milk, as well as containing 5 times more iron than spinach. Read more about the many health benefits here, http://www.energybits.com. Be sure to follow them on Twitter @ENERGYbits for more tips.
We are honored to announce that Brand Manager Jeff White will be joining us as Co-Host of this Chat!

RecoFit Compression Gear. Want to perform better and recover faster?  RecoFit Compression Gear can help!  Its unique gradient-compression design and carbon-based technical fabric will support your muscles and supply them with more oxygen to delay fatigue and speed up recovery, so you will be ready for your next day’s effort!  Visit www.recofit.co for more information. Check them out on Twitter @RecoFit to learn how they can help improve performance in your athletic endeavors.

Flip2BFit. Need summer activities for your kids? Flip2BeFit simply put is your Fitness in a Box solution for incorporating fun and fitness into your daily life! Flip2BFit is more than just a board game, its fitness, nutrition, education and eye opening self-esteem building all realized through the spin of a wheel and the flip of a card! Order yours today for hours of family fun time. http://flip2bfit.com and check them out on Twitter @Flip2BFit.

RunnerBox: A mini shoe box full of products for runners and triathletes shipped right to your door!  Choose a subscription or 1-time gift. Try out new products and stay motivated!  Gift yourself or favorite athlete at www.therunnerbox.com. There’s no better way to find YOUR perfect running, triathlon and fitness products. Follow them on Twitter @runnerbox for a preview of upcoming products, discounts and connect with fellow athletes as well.

Sockwa. Sockwa is the most versatile and lightweight brand of athletic footwear for sports and fitness activities on and off the beach. Say goodbye to the days of aching feet after every run and sore leg muscles after every hike! Sockwa is your ultra-light, high-performance, minimalist shoe solution. Check out all their products at www.sockwa.com. Follow them on Twitter @Sockwa for information how you can join the Sockwa-movement!

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