July 15, 2024

Should You Revisit Exercise Machines?

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Don’t underestimate exercise machines in the gym!

With the wave of functional fitness so popular, exercise machines can get lost, but they still hold value. What and how you work out should be determined by goals and ability. Consider your options, all your options, and a great option for you may just be exercise machines! Exercise machines provide guided range of motion in the tracking design of the machine. This means if you’re unable to stabilize your body position, the machine helps. If you like the option of different programming, routes and resistance, machines are a great choice. And if you’re wanting to isolate one part of your body, machines offer that option.



Should the Stationary Bike be on your cardio list?

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Stationary Bike!

Whether your new to fitness or a seasoned veteran, keep the stationary bike on your cardio option list. Here’s why:

Non-impact. The bike is non-impact, which means there’s no impact stress on your joints.

Intensity is controllable. Add resistance or decrease it. Add elevation or decrease it. Your workout is up to you.

You have options. Choose between a recumbant bike or upright bike. If you have difficulty stabilizing your torso without back support, choose a recumbant bike. If you have knee or hip concerns and a large range of motion is difficult, choose a stationary bike.


*Consult a physician before beginning exercise.


WHY you’re not working out

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Why are you not working out?

Often skipping a workout comes from 3 areas that you’re lacking: interest, focus or time. Here are a few ideas how to get motivated again.


No interest?

Revisit childhood. What activities did you enjoy? Remember, not all exercise has to be structured to count toward your fitness. Run, jump, hop, play, bike, walk, swim, play basketball, soccer, dance…


No focus?

Do circuit training. Perform 1 minute of cardio, then perform 1 strength exercise. Repeat alternating until all sets are complete. Time will zoom by, keeping your mind and your body busy.


No time?

Split up your cardio and strength training into 5-20 minute sessions. For example, do a 20 minute walk in the morning followed by a 5 minute body weight strength routine in the evening. Find little bits of fitness to add into free moments during the day.

Take your ab workout to the next level

Get Fit Quick Tip:


Crank your ab workout up a notch with this exercise:

Lie on your back on the floor with your hands behind your ears. Hold both feet up off of the floor with your knees over your hips. Begin by lifting both shoulders up off of the floor. Next lift your right shoulder up toward your belly button, at the same time bringing your left knee toward your belly button. Return to your starting position. Now lift your left shoulder up toward your belly button, at the same time bringing your right knee toward your belly button. Repeat 10 times.

*Consult your physician before beginning exercise.


Do this with your exercise once a month…

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Try a new workout or exercise at least once a month.

Muscles like unaccustomed exercise. Mixing up your workout forces muscles to learn a new pathway to work. What does this mean for you? Motivation stays high and results keep coming! Here are a few ideas to get started:

Ask friends what exercises they enjoy.

Get a guest pass to a gym.

Purchase a punch card for an outdoor workout.

Join a community-sponsored class.

Register for a local race.

Take lessons for a sport.

Swap workout equipment with a friend.

Try streaming workouts or YouTube.



WORK for your fitness!

Get Fit Quick Tip:

WORK HARD for your fitness!

Your workout is supposed to be challenging, that’s the point! Challenging is where results happen. There are no short cuts, easy roads or lazy days when it comes to improving your health and fitness. Instead of being afraid of hard work, discomfort, sweat and burning muscles, embrace the effort! Here’s what may happen during a high-quality workout:

You may sweat.

Your muscles may burn.

You may become fatigued.

Your heart rate may increase.

Your breathing may become challenging.

You may be physically uncomfortable.

You may have to dig deep mentally.

You may struggle to complete the workout.




Start a Fitness Tradition

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Start a tradition… of fitness!

Pick one day or one special occasion and initiate a fitness tradition. Begin with friends and family, and then invite neighbors, coworkers, and others from there. Perhaps a 2 mile walk on a designated route or time, or a 4 mile bike ride to a special destination, or maybe a 2 mile hike to an inspiring look out or peak. Let your imagination go and see where it takes you!

To get started:

Designate the same day each year. Planning your fitness tradition to happen on a holiday, or particular day each year, allows others time to plan to take part.

Follow a designated mileage or duration. A set goal or miles or duration allows everyone to train and prepare for your tradition.

Include the FUN. Add music, fun costumes, special invited guests or snacks! The sky is the limit.

Choose a person or cause to honor with your tradition. Honoring a special cause or person gives the tradition value and purpose.



Once a week for workout motivation

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Commit to a Standing Meet-Up!

Find one person who can commit to meeting you once a week for a regular workout together! The workout type can rotate or be the same type of exercise each week. The standing meet-up will:

Force you to re-commit to fitness every week.

Build momentum toward your health goal.

Set a fun tone to exercise.

Provide accountability.

Give you a workout to look forward to each week.

Challenge you to workout harder.

Encourage exercise consistency.

Keep healthy living a priority in your schedule.

Push you to try new exercises or a new workout.




Unstructured Exercise Counts!

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Abandon your structure!

Not all exercise has to be structured to count. Making fitness fun is a great motivational tool to keep exercise consistency up. Start thinking out of the box for ways to be creative with your fitness. Here’s a few to get you started:

Be spontaneous. Meeting cancelled last minute? Go for a walk. An extra hour on your hands? Bike to a friends house. At a concert? Get up and dance!

Add the play. Did you play a sport or game as a kid? Play as an adult!

Incorporate props. Try a stability ball, stability disk, foam roller, medicine ball or pilates disk. Experiment with different exercises to keep fitness interest high.

Mix in adventure. Try your local climbing gym. Jump in your community pool. Check out the local hiking trails. Take a kayaking or paddling lesson.


Get Your Workout on the Ball

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Get on the Ball.

Revisit the stability ball in your workout! Sitting on an unstable surface such as the ball recruits your core muscles, adding a unique challenge to your workout routine. A few reminders:


Choose a stability ball that is the appropriate size for your height. When sitting on the ball, your hips should be slightly higher than your knees.

Stability is paramount. Before adding weights or a band to your exercise, make sure you’re able to sit or lean against the ball safety and securely.

Form is important. You should be able to maintain proper spinal alignment, without any rocking side to side of your torso or weight shifting.

Ask a Fitness Professional for proper instruction and exercises for your goals and ability.


*Always consult your physician before beginning exercise.