April 1, 2023

Ab Tuck and Crunch

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Ab Tuck and Crunch

If you’re looking to challenge your abs, try this move. Begin lying flat on the floor, next lift up your upper body with your arms in front of you for balance. Then, lift both legs up off the floor to your starting pike position. Next, exhale and pull both knees into your chest while stabilizing your torso in the incline position. Inhale and return to your staring pike position. Repeat 10 times.


*Consult your physician before performing exercise. This exercise is for those without injury concerns.

Better Balance

Get Fit Quick Tip:

One Leg Hold

Practice standing on one leg to improve balance and proprioception. Safety is most important when working on balance. All exercisers should begin holding on to a stable object for the entire set until confidence increases. Slowly decrease contact with stable object to build balance load. Once you’ve achieved a 10 second hold on each leg without holding on, you may be ready for progressions. Maintain proper posture, with your chin up and chest lifted. Here are a few progressions to get started:

Stand on one leg for 10 seconds. Increase time to 30 seconds.

Stand on one leg and place both arms across your chest.

Stand on one leg and swing both arms forward and back.

Stand on one leg and look side to side.


*Consult your physician before performing exercise.


Get Your Workout on the Ball

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Get on the Ball.

Revisit the stability ball in your workout! Sitting on an unstable surface such as the ball recruits your core muscles, adding a unique challenge to your workout routine. A few reminders:


Choose a stability ball that is the appropriate size for your height. When sitting on the ball, your hips should be slightly higher than your knees.

Stability is paramount. Before adding weights or a band to your exercise, make sure you’re able to sit or lean against the ball safety and securely.

Form is important. You should be able to maintain proper spinal alignment, without any rocking side to side of your torso or weight shifting.

Ask a Fitness Professional for proper instruction and exercises for your goals and ability.


*Always consult your physician before beginning exercise.