June 24, 2024

Stop Trying and Start Doing! by Joanne P. Stein

Why aren’t you manifesting according to your timelines or specifications?

It’s because we often don’t take the necessary actions to make dreams become reality and it starts by our use of one little three-letter word — TRY.


Set a clear intention of what you want. This can be a financial goal, a health goal, a relationship goal or any other type of goal that will give you more joy in your life.

Take Action. Don’t just try to do a little bit more, actually do it! Have you ever noticed that the harder you try, the less you get accomplished? Why is that? From my perspective, it seems like when I’m trying I have an underlying assumption of failure. It’s as if I’m making an excuse for why I won’t be able to accomplish something. If you heard someone say “I’m trying to get the report finished on time”, how would you interpret it? Would you have confidence that the report would be ready on time?  Probably not. More likely, you’d assume that it wouldn’t be completed on time and you’d probably be right.

Start doing. Trying will give you excuses while doing will get you results. The difference between trying and doing is in your attitude. Trust that you’ll succeed rather than fail and then roll up your sleeves and get to work. Remove the word “trying” from your vocabulary, and notice how much that simple step clarifies your activities. You’re either doing it or you’re not. You’re either taking action or you’re not.

Forget about trying. Trying is barely more effective than idle wishing. Stop trying and get going even if it’s just one baby-step at a time. You eventually will realize that the way you treat yourself, others, and planet earth determines the quality of your life.  Instead of “trying” we’re “doing” and our life changes for the better.

So what positive step can you take NOW that will bring you closer to achieving the type of life you really want? Go for it!

By Joanne P. Stein, Joyologist, www.bestcoach4u.com

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