May 28, 2024

JUMP IN…and experience the POWER IN A GROUP!

JUMP IN to 2013!
So you’ve committed to a New Year’s Resolution to get healthy once and for all. One of the best ways to stay on track, for any goal really, is to find an accountability group.  In an accountability group you’ll find a mentor. A mentor is one who has already accomplished what you desire or who is simply further along the path. With this comes valuable insight and advice! You’ll enjoy empowerment and inspiration in an accountability group. For example, maybe it’s a new runner who just completed his/her first 5K race. Perhaps it’s someone who is juggling the demands of parenting and still continues to attend spin class three times each week. Or maybe it’s someone whose job requires a hefty travel schedule and yet still finds a way to eat healthy while on the road.

It is this solution that Health Your Way Online is wishing to provide YOU, and so specific New Year’s Resolution Support twitter chats have been created: Our Motivational Monday Live Chats begin TODAY and happen every Monday in January with the focus of supporting YOUR healthy living in the new year.

During our chat’s you’ll meet others with similar goals. You’ll be a mentor for some, and others will serve as a mentor for you. The camaraderie runs deep in the Healthy Living world! We know there is power in a group. If you have a specific question, there will be someone who has solved this challenge previous and can provide guidance. If you’re needing encouragement, there will be one who is having an awesome day, when you’re day has been a tough one. If you’re looking for a resource, there will be someone who has already found what you’re looking for. We’ll cover a wide variety of topics, tips and resources.

We are proud to introduce the Sponsors of our Motivational Monday Resolution Chats. Check out their products as they provide extreme value to all healthy living and fitness enthusiasts.

Surf-Her Skincare.  Created by a 30 year veteran in the self-care business, these “products repair plus protect the skin and hair from damaging effects of the sun.” Join their facebook community at https://www.facebook.comsurfherskincare

Ragnar Relay Series. A true example of the power of the group, ragnar relay is the epitome! Ragnar Relays are “overnight running relay series that makes testing your limits a team sport.” Follow them on Twitter @RagnarRelay

Sparkly Soul Inc. Effective gear is essential to creating your exercise experience. Enter Sparkly Soul Inc. unique design. They provide “Sports and fitness headbands. No slip and no headache. Entirely elastic all the way around. #1 headband that fits EVERY head shape- Guaranteed.” Check them out on Twitter at @SPARKLYSOULINC

Bia Sport. Exercise should not add stress to your day, it should eliminate it! Hence Bia Sport was born! They offer the “1st GPS watch with SOS safety alert.”  Become a follower on Twitter at @biasport

JUMP IN and join our Power-in-a-Group Motivational Monday Live Chats EVERY Monday in January! 5pm(pacific) See you there! We are here to support YOUR healthy living efforts!

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