May 22, 2024

Buddy Up for Core

Fit Body:

Buddy Up for Core

Strengthen your core and have fun with your workout buddy with this dynamic exercise. The medicine ball pass will challenge your coordination, and your muscles. Grab a 2-4lb medicine ball or small stability ball. Stand back to back with your partner. Turn to your side and pass the ball to your partner. Continue passing the ball in one circular direction by rotating your torso for ten reps. Rest for 10-30 seconds, and then reverse the direction.


Should you consider a fitness partner?

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Find a fitness partner!

If you’re short on motivation, find a fitness partner. You’ll be less likely to miss a workout when you know someone is waiting for you. What are additional benefits of having a training partner?

Adds support. Who better to know how much effort you’re applying than your fitness partner. He or she is there to provide encouragement when times are tough. Support is key for fitness success.

Provides accountability. Slacking off a little? Your fitness partner will let you know. Have made huge progress? Your fitness partner will let you know.

Encourages unaccustomed exercise. Working out with a fitness partner means you may try new workouts more often due to differing interests. Over time you’re able to introduce one another to your favorite workouts and types of exercises.



Buddy Friendly Fitness by Nicole Bryan

Want to invite your friend to exercise with you? A medicine ball makes a great buddy friendly fitness equipment option. The following is for intermediate exercisers without injury concerns. Consult your physician before beginning exercise.

Begin with a 5lb or 8lb medicine ball. A few rules to remember when working with a weighted ball. Firstly, only work in a range of motion that you can control. So if you’re using momentum, risk of injury is greatly increased. Secondly, do not sacrifice form for repetitions, ever. When your form starts to fade, your set is over. Finally, start light. Choose a light weighted ball when learning a new exercise.

Rotate and Pass. Standing back to back. Turn to your right and pass the ball as fast as you can control to your friend. Your friend takes hold of the ball and passes it to you via his or her right side as well. Continue passing the medicine ball clock-wise for 15 rotations. Repeat passing the ball to your left in a counter clock-wise direction.

Squat and Toss. Stand facing one another. Perform a squat and then toss the ball under-hand to your partner. Your partner catches the ball and immediately drops into a squat, stands up straight again and tosses the ball back to you. Perform 15 squats and tosses each.

Jog and Toss. Stand facing one another about 4 feet apart. Jog to your right about 10 feet, tossing the ball back and forth as quickly as you are able. Stop, change directly and jog to your left about 10 feet tossing the ball back and forth. Repeat 5 total sets.