July 13, 2024

Is Small Group Fitness For You?

Fit Body:

Consider Small Group Fitness Classes

Check out small group exercise for a motivation boost. Exercising with 3-4 others, instead of 20 others as in group fitness, may just be the workout solution for you. Small groups are not only an economical choice, they hold you accountable and don’t let you get lost in the shuffle of a big gym or crowded class. You’ll get personal attention, a challenging workout and the motivation of others at the same time.  You’ll find:

New friends.

Maybe even a new training partner to meet for workouts outside of your small group.

Friendly competition.

Encouragement and support of your workout (and healthy lifestyle) goals.

Solutions to your fitness challenges.

A fitness mentor in your coach or instructor.


Give up your fitness excuses.

Fit Mind:

Give up your fitness excuses.

Excuses won’t get you fitness results. Hard work, dedication and consistency will. Eliminate your excuses by making a list of the most common reasons to skip a workout. For example, no extra time, not enough energy and no access to equipment. Along side each excuse, brain storm three ways to overcome each according to your own schedule and goals. If you’re stumped, ask a friend to look at your list and come up with a solution together. Fitness results happen by making a daily commitment to your workout. Make your dedication stronger than every excuse.

Your Fitness Team

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Form your Fitness Team

Getting fit takes effort, support and accountability. Form a fitness team by asking others to join you in your healthy living journey. Set a time to meet once a month, or even once a week. Share your top 3 fitness goals, as well as your specific plan how you’ll accomplish each. Ask for regular support of accountability via emails, texts or phone calls. As you work toward your goals together, you’ll be able to share your successes and problem-solve to overcome any obstacles that may come up. Having your team to report progress to will increase adherence and consistency, as well as keep motivation high. Your motivation will soar through encouraging your team members to keep going, stick with it and never give up on their fitness goals. Consider your fitness team as a healthy living mastermind group getting together for the common purpose of creating a healthy mind, body and heart. Who will you invite to join your fitness team?


Focus your motivation

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Focus your motivation FORWARD!

Focus your motivation to keep moving forward. Your thoughts and words matter, so keep both positive and use words like “I am…” .  Make a decision right now to focus on what is possible for your fitness. Here’s how to start:

Commit daily to your goal.

Speak your goal aloud often.

Take at least one action step toward your goal each day.

Practice gratitude for each successful step accomplished toward your goal.

Instead of focusing on what you’re unable to do, focus on what you’re able to do! How can you keep moving forward?



Choose health and fitness…

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Choose health and fitness TODAY! Getting healthy and fit takes commitment, dedication and effort. And it will be worth every minute of your time, effort and sweat. Here’s how to stop procrastinating and choose health and fitness TODAY:

Set the timer on your phone  to signal workouts.

Ask friends and family for accountability.

Set a mini-goal for each workout.

Add a social component to make your fitness fun. Fun workouts mean you’ll be less likely to skip. And when you’re consistent with workouts, you’ll see results.

Learn a new sport or skill to keep interest high.




Get Fit Quick Tip:


Take a note from kids and add the PLAY to your workout!

Every once in awhile forget counting reps, sets and logging rest time, and go PLAY! Let loose and run, jump, skip and hop. Implementing one PLAY day per month is a great way to keep workout motivation high. Adding play to your workout is also a great way to take the pressure off of regulating intensity and such. Let your mind wander, get lost in your thoughts or the scenery around you. Invite friends and chat it up while getting active. Take a walk around your neighborhood, play with your kids, hit up the outdoor obstacle course at your local park!

Ask for Accountability in your Fitness

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Ask for Accountability!

Find a workout partner or exercise group to hold you accountable to your fitness. Simply knowing you have to report your progress, means you’re less likely to skip a workout. Here’s how to start:


Talk to your friends, coworkers or family. Ask if they have fitness goals. If so, ask how they stay on track.

Ask for what you need. What exactly are you asking of them? Be specific.

Define your terms. Be clear how you’ll communicate progress, how often and what the ramifications are for falling short.

Follow through. Stick to your agreed upon plan.


Workout Consistency Matters!

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Consistency Matters!

Find a way to exercise consistently to see best overall results. Consistent exercise means you’ll feel better, look better and just plain function better because your body will have time to adapt to your exercise. Change your workout format or type of workout until you find a method complements and works with your schedule.

Here are a four ideas to get consistent with your fitness:

Monday mandatory exercise. Set a healthy tone to your week by always working out on Monday.

Week at a glance. Every Sunday sit down with your calendar and schedule your workouts for the week.

Tally up the week. Every Friday tally up your workouts. Miss your goal? Use the weekend to make up the missed workout(s).

Commit to a set schedule. Commit to a set workout schedule each month. Doing so leaves nothing up to guessing or trying to fit in fitness last minute.


Connect with Others to Ramp Up Workout Motivation

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Connect with Others.

If you’re struggling with exercise motivation, connect with others who are also on your fitness journey. For example:

Take a fitness class. Look up the class schedule at your gym. Do an internet search for classes in your town. Visit your local community recreation center. Nothing is more inspiring than exercising along side of others who share in your journey to fitness.

Form a team. Is there a walk, run or bike ride in your town to raise funds and awareness for a cause that’s near and dear to your heart? SIGN UP! Recruit friends, family, neighbors, co-workers to join your team. Making a commitment to a team gives a deeper meaning and focus to your fitness. You’re less likely to miss a workout when others are counting on your participation.

Volunteer! Give back to get motivated. Volunteer for an athletic event in your town. From volunteering to hand out race numbers, to filling cups at a water stop, to working clean-up at a local athletic event, there is a volunteer opportunity for everyone. Simply ASK! Focusing on helping and encouraging others will inspire your fitness. Watching others cross their finish line will increase motivation to find yours as well.