May 28, 2024


Get Fit Quick Tip:


Take a note from kids and add the PLAY to your workout!

Every once in awhile forget counting reps, sets and logging rest time, and go PLAY! Let loose and run, jump, skip and hop. Implementing one PLAY day per month is a great way to keep workout motivation high. Adding play to your workout is also a great way to take the pressure off of regulating intensity and such. Let your mind wander, get lost in your thoughts or the scenery around you. Invite friends and chat it up while getting active. Take a walk around your neighborhood, play with your kids, hit up the outdoor obstacle course at your local park!

5 reasons why you shouldn’t skip your workout…

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Make your strength workout a priority during the holidays.

Think skipping your weight workout will help during the holiday season? Think again. Here’s why logging your workout will HELP you during the holidays:


Decrease stress through forcing deep breathing to complete your set.

Look good at your party.

Increase energy and maintain your physical fitness to accomplish the extra tasks on your schedule.

Enter the New Year with fitness momentum.

Time to yourself to quiet your mind and move your body.



High Knees Cardio

Get Fit Quick Tip:

High Knees for Cardio!

If you’re looking to add a cardio component to your workout, consider High Knees. Great for runners, walkers and those looking for fast calorie burning, high knees provide a challenging and energizing interval option.

Begin standing. Lift your right knee straight up, adding a hop to the top of the range of motion if desired. Immediately return your right foot to the floor, and lift your left knee straight up, adding a hop to the top of the range of motion. Begin with a ten second interval and build from there. This exercise is for intermediate or advanced exercisers, without injury or illness concerns.


*Consult your physician before beginning exercise.

Expand your Fitness Horizons

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Try new exercises on a regular basis!

Our body (and our mind) likes unaccustomed exercise! Expand your fitness horizons by trying new exercises every 4-6 weeks. Here are 3 ideas to get you started:

Ask your friends what physical activities they enjoy. Tag along!

Revisit your childhood activities. Did you love a particular sport or physical fitness activity growing up? Try it again.

Research. Google search sports and fitness for your home town and see what activities pop up.





Can-Do Fitness Approach

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Take a Can-Do Approach

Instead of focusing on what you can’t do, approach your wellness plan from what you CAN do. Focus on the positive, and that’s where your mind will lead you. For example:

One at a time. If you’re not convinced you can eliminate junk food all together, start by eliminating one junk food meal each week.

Focus on the present. It’s a wonderful accomplishment that you were a collegiate athlete, however where is your fitness now? Focus on your current fitness base and build from there.

Increase in small steps. Building fitness too fast, too soon is a common mistake of those new to exercise. Build your fitness in small steps to allow your body to adapt to your goal. Each small step mastered will increase confidence and therefore motivation.



Keep Fitness Motivation Going…

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Plan Ahead!

Healthy living does NOT take the weekend off! Keep motivation going by planning your weekend-fitness ahead of time.

Here’s how to keep your workouts (and motivation) happening on the weekends:

Invite friends. Invite friends to join in your workout. You’ll catch up on the week and as the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun!

Race. Racing is a great way to insure your workouts happen on the weekend. Competing side by side with thousands of new friends, the energy will feed your motivation for weeks and months to come.

Go early. Get up early and log your workout before the sun (and your family) rises. Morning workouts likely means fewer interruptions and distractions.

Include physical activity into your daily routine. If a structured workout is difficult, consider adding fitness bursts into your day. Walk the soccer field while your child plays, stand instead of sit, ride bikes instead of driving.



Workout Consistency Matters!

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Consistency Matters!

Find a way to exercise consistently to see best overall results. Consistent exercise means you’ll feel better, look better and just plain function better because your body will have time to adapt to your exercise. Change your workout format or type of workout until you find a method complements and works with your schedule.

Here are a four ideas to get consistent with your fitness:

Monday mandatory exercise. Set a healthy tone to your week by always working out on Monday.

Week at a glance. Every Sunday sit down with your calendar and schedule your workouts for the week.

Tally up the week. Every Friday tally up your workouts. Miss your goal? Use the weekend to make up the missed workout(s).

Commit to a set schedule. Commit to a set workout schedule each month. Doing so leaves nothing up to guessing or trying to fit in fitness last minute.


Workout Consistency= Fitness Results!

Your health is cumulative. One workout will not make or break your fitness! The key is to be consistent, that’s where results happen. So how do you stay consistently interested in your exercise program? Find others who share your successes and challenges of balancing life responsibilities with exercise, find workout accountability to stay on pace, find others who can offer you a “you can do it!” when needed, find gear tips to make your journey more comfortable, find motivation through hearing from others excited to reach their goals.

You’ll find all of this and more at #HealthyWayMag Fitness Chat every Monday at 5pm(Pacific)/8pm(Eastern) on Twitter. JOIN US to super-charge your workout motivation!

Here’s how to join:

Log onto your Twitter account and follow @HealthyWayMag to view the chat questions. Questions for discussion will be posted as Question 1, “Q1″, Question 2, “Q2″ and so on. Offer your opinion and experience via answers to Question 1 noted as “A1″, designating your answer to Question 2 as “A2″ and so on. Consider our weekly fitness chat as your virtual fitness-club meeting! You’ll chat with others who share your passion for healthy living!


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Need Workout Accountability? By Nicole Bryan

Who are you accountable to?

It’s so easy to skip workouts! Before we know it, five other “responsibilities” have usurped our once preciously guarded exercise time. Then days become weeks, weeks become months, and so on. Before we know it, we’re asking ourselves “It can’t be six months since I’ve been to the gym…can it?” Enlisting the help of others to hold us accountable is a great method to sticking with our wellness plan. Having others to check in with and report back to, in a sense, renews or creates our health as a priority.

So here’s how to do it:

Form an accountability group to stay on pace to reach your workout goals! Similar to the Mastermind Principle that has been around for decades, and sometimes also referred to as a Think Tank or Advisory Board, an accountability group is simply a group with a health and wellness focus or base of principle. There’s one prerequisite to becoming a member in an accountability group; being able to handle honest and constructive feedback. Can you handle it?

Step 1. When searching for others to invite to your group choose those who bring something different than you do to the table. The first step is to write down a list of all the qualities you will bring to the group. For example, you are always willing to try new exercise classes, you like to participate in community events and you are really good about finding new healthful recipes to try.

Step 2. The next step is to write down aspects of health and wellness for which you need support. For example, your Friday workouts tend to be forgotten. And maybe that early morning spin class has been on your list to try for months, but has yet to happen. Perhaps your healthy eating down fall is heading for the vending machine at 3pm for a candy bar to get through the remainder of your work day.

Step 3. The third step is to compose a list of friends, coworkers, etc who are successful at what you’ve not been. Or who you feel represent a well balanced health and fitness lifestyle. Someone who not only talks the talk, but who walks the walk will inspire other members to do the same. Someone who possesses qualities you respect and admire. For example, invite one who balances children and competitive running; invite one who has had success in weight loss while working full time. Invite another who successfully manages a chronic illness while teaching fitness classes. Since a secondary purpose of the group is to provide a functional health and wellness network, consider that as well when inviting members. For example, if a member is looking for a dietician, the participant who’s successfully lost weight could possibly offer a referral. If a member is looking for a health club, another can provide a solid referral, and so on.

Step 4. The final step is to create the basics of your meeting. Holding regular meeting times helps set the pattern of your group.  The frequency is up to the members and how in depth the goals of the members. Designate a facilitator, either rotating or a single person for a set period of time much like a Board of Advisory functions will maintain structure. Follow the same format each meeting to maintain order and stay on task. The goal is to listen more than you talk. Each response should stay on point, with the facilitator bringing the group and conversation back into focus when topic strays. Posting a roundtable question is also a diplomatic approach to brainstorm solutions. Keep tabs on the trend of the conversation (negative thoughts, self-sabotage, not taking responsibility.)

Step 5. A final consideration toward creating your group is to designate a member who maintains writing down goals and questions for discussion. Writing down goals forces members to be accountable for what was said and agreed upon. The bottom line goal of a Health Accountability Group is to learn from one another, as well as to build a network for one another.

If you’ve ever felt frustrated or unmotivated on your journey to wellness, you are not alone! Find others to share your challenges with, and most importantly to share solutions!

Get Motivated!

Get Motivated!

Join #HealthyWayMag Fitness Chat every Monday at 5pm(Pacific)/8pm(Eastern) on Twitter.

How does a Twitter Chat work?

Consider a Twitter Chat an online or virtual club meeting. Instead of holding a meeting in person at a location in town, we all agree to meet on Twitter on the same day, at the same time, via the hashtag #HealthyWayMag. Join in by following questions noted as Question 1 “Q1″, Question 2 “Q2″, and so on. The questions are our discussion points. Tweet your answer by noting “A1” to designated Answer 1, etc. Chat, interact, have fun with other participants. Pick up workout tips, exercise ideas and GET MOTIVATED!



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