July 13, 2024

Try Running!

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Try Running!

Running is an effective total body workout. With one exercise you’ll strengthen your cardiovascular system, as well as your muscle endurance.

Here’s how to start:

Incorporate running or jogging into your day. If you’re out taking the dog for a walk, add in a few 10-30 second jogging intervals. Watching your child’s sports baseball? Do running intervals around a neighboring field.

Hit the trails. Running on dirt provides a unique experience. If you appreciate the quiet and prefer to not navigate around cars, take your jogging or running workout off the road. Start with running intervals according to terrain.

Head to the hills. Neighborhood hills with little traffic work well for a focused jogging or running workout. Begin by performing running intervals uphill and then walk down the hill.

Treadmills work. Love them or hate them, treadmills provide a workout opportunity regardless of weather, time of day or ability. Choose your speed, choose your duration and go.

*Always consult your physician before beginning exercise.


Expand your Fitness Horizons

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Try new exercises on a regular basis!

Our body (and our mind) likes unaccustomed exercise! Expand your fitness horizons by trying new exercises every 4-6 weeks. Here are 3 ideas to get you started:

Ask your friends what physical activities they enjoy. Tag along!

Revisit your childhood activities. Did you love a particular sport or physical fitness activity growing up? Try it again.

Research. Google search sports and fitness for your home town and see what activities pop up.





Don’t Hibernate this Winter by Brett Klika

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Don’t Hibernate this Winter

When winter rears its formidable head with shorter and much colder days, it can be a challenge to stay on course with your fitness program. If you want to keep moving despite Mother Nature, try these 5 simple tips to weather the winter so you’re lean and fit for spring.

Embrace the outside! Yes, it’s cold! That may mean snow for skiing, sledding, snow-showing, ice skating, and a variety of other outdoor activities. Give them a try! Winter clothing now is warm, light, flexible, waterproof, and very accommodating for hard-core outdoor activities.

Change up your routine by trying a class at a local health club. Just because you’re indoors doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. From Zumba to Spinning, to a variety of other fun and engaging high-energy classes, health club class schedules are usually packed with options to move.

Workout during your lunch hour to avoid the dark mornings and cold nights. Mid day is not only the time with the most sunlight, it’s usually the warmest. Perfect for a jog, bike ride, or anything else the weather permits.

Hit the weights. Are you an endurance athlete? If you live in a climate where the weather outside is frightful, winter might be a great time to start a resistance training program if you don’t already participate in one. This provides a welcome change from grinding out miles on the treadmill or indoor bike. In addition, the increased strength and stability you get from resistance training will help your performance when you get outside again.

Join an indoor sports league. In addition to the traditional sports like soccer, basketball, and volleyball, now many club organizations offer non-traditional, social-based sports like kickball, dodge ball, and many other playground classics. This keeps you energized and motivated to get out of the house and sweat!     

This winter, have fun sweating in the snow, running in the rain, and dashing in the dark. A little workout creativity will keep you lean and fit all winter long.

Brett Klika, C.S.C.S, is an internationally renowned personal trainer, author, and motivational speaker. For a copy of his new e-book and exercise program “The Underground Workout Manual- Exercise and Fat Loss in the Real World” visit www.undergroundworkoutmanual.com. To contact Brett, send correspondence to brett@fitnessquest10.com.