July 15, 2024

Try Running!

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Try Running!

Running is an effective total body workout. With one exercise you’ll strengthen your cardiovascular system, as well as your muscle endurance.

Here’s how to start:

Incorporate running or jogging into your day. If you’re out taking the dog for a walk, add in a few 10-30 second jogging intervals. Watching your child’s sports baseball? Do running intervals around a neighboring field.

Hit the trails. Running on dirt provides a unique experience. If you appreciate the quiet and prefer to not navigate around cars, take your jogging or running workout off the road. Start with running intervals according to terrain.

Head to the hills. Neighborhood hills with little traffic work well for a focused jogging or running workout. Begin by performing running intervals uphill and then walk down the hill.

Treadmills work. Love them or hate them, treadmills provide a workout opportunity regardless of weather, time of day or ability. Choose your speed, choose your duration and go.

*Always consult your physician before beginning exercise.


Trail Running Know-How

Get Fit Quick Tip

Considering trail running? Here are 3 tips to reduce your risk of a trail wipe-out:

Pick up your feet. When trail running, you’ll find partially covered rocks, tree roots and sticks of all shapes and sizes. All of these obstacles can pose a fall risk to trail runners. No shuffling or dragging your feet on the trail.

Step lightly. Focus on moving your feet quickly and increasing leg turnover. Accept that your stride on the trail may differ from your road running stride initially. Landing heavily on each stride increases risk of falling when running by, through, up and over moveable and moving rocks and small pebbles.

Use your arms. Don’t worry too much on proper “arm form” in the beginning. Move your arms freely as needed to help improve your balance and agility on the trail. You may slip and slide here and there, but your arms can provide a valuable counter-balancing effect.

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