April 14, 2024

Connect with Others to Ramp Up Workout Motivation

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Connect with Others.

If you’re struggling with exercise motivation, connect with others who are also on your fitness journey. For example:

Take a fitness class. Look up the class schedule at your gym. Do an internet search for classes in your town. Visit your local community recreation center. Nothing is more inspiring than exercising along side of others who share in your journey to fitness.

Form a team. Is there a walk, run or bike ride in your town to raise funds and awareness for a cause that’s near and dear to your heart? SIGN UP! Recruit friends, family, neighbors, co-workers to join your team. Making a commitment to a team gives a deeper meaning and focus to your fitness. You’re less likely to miss a workout when others are counting on your participation.

Volunteer! Give back to get motivated. Volunteer for an athletic event in your town. From volunteering to hand out race numbers, to filling cups at a water stop, to working clean-up at a local athletic event, there is a volunteer opportunity for everyone. Simply ASK! Focusing on helping and encouraging others will inspire your fitness. Watching others cross their finish line will increase motivation to find yours as well.

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