June 16, 2024

2014 Twitter Must-Follow

Words matter! Sometimes encouraging words are just what we need to focus our fitness efforts. When they come from our fitness friends sometimes they matter even more. From the experience of another who has been there, who is on the journey with us and has found a way to make their healthy living happen. We carry these words of inspiration with us!

Need motivation in fitness and healthy living? Look no further than our 2014 Twitter Must-Follow List!

THANK YOU ALL for your motivation, expertise, encouragement and inspiration to live healthy and fit.

@Deb_Lowther Deb Lowther

@FitExpertJess Jessica Matthews

@LoRoRD Lori Rosenthal, RD

@lmaydak Laura Maydak

@SarahJChicago Sarah Johnson

@familyfocusblog Scarlett Paolicchi

@HelenAgresti Helen Agresti, RD

@StressFreeKids Stress Free Kids

@LoriShemek Lori Shemek, PhD

@Smart_Kitchen Kathy Smart

@DrCedricBryant Dr. Cedric X. Bryant

@slowswimmer Kenny Steil

@FitnessToGo Tera Busker

@30SecondMom 30 Second Mom

@kerigans Keri Gans

@SusanCross1 Susan Campbell Cross

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