July 15, 2024

Ask a Pro by Chanda Fetter

Question: How can I increase workout results to stay motivated? –Teri from St. Louis
Answer: By Chanda Fetter

Take small steps and slowly incorporate these methods to jump start results, stay motivated and give you a healthy life. Life is good, make the most of it and live to the fullest!

Frequency of Exercise. Our bodies were meant to move and perform physical labor. However, we have become a culture of long working hours, sedentary situations and high stress. All these things wear on our physical structure and create weaknesses all throughout the body. We stress our bodies in a negative way thus opening us up for injury, imbalances, fatigue and inefficiency.  Waking up our body with exercise provides energy and fewer aches and pains and ultimately allows us to be more efficient and effective in your daily life. Prioritize exercise, and do other physical activities in your day to get in at least 4 hours of cardio and 3 hours of strength training a week.

Variety Really is the Spice of Life. Pick an enjoyable exercise otherwise we’re not likely to stay committed to the program. Our body is smart; its goal is to become as efficient as possible in everything we do. This is good when training for a specific sport because the higher the frequency the better you get a performing the task. This is not so good, however, when applied to regular exercise. The more efficient our body gets at a particular activity, the less energy it takes to perform it, therefore spending fewer calories over time. This is why it’s so important to vary up the type of training. Every six to eight weeks it’s important to vary activity. This doesn’t have to be a major change necessarily, but it does mean shaking up the routine a bit. For example, simply changing from running flats to running rolling hills will trick our body into working differently, and therefore resulting in more calories burned.

Nutrition Matters More Than Most Admit. Redundant, I’m sure but be reminded that food should be for the purpose of fueling our body, not filling your belly. If we aren’t fueling our bodies with the nutrients it needs to perform, we are sabotaging our training program. Not to say we can’t indulge from time to time. However balance is crucial, as well as consuming a diet rich in nutrients, fiber, carbohydrates and healthy fats. Think of how we feed children, often and in small portions. Ideally, eat about five small meals a day. This grazing technique teaches the body that it will be fed often. This also prevents us from becoming ravenous and consuming too many calories at one time. It’s important to be sure our plate of food has lots of colors; this mainly comes from fruits and vegetables. Also important to consume is protein to replenish our bodies from workouts, as well as drinking water to keep our systems hydrated and helping aid digestion.

Chanda Fetter
IM=X Pilates Studio, Owner
IM=X Pilates Master Trainer
NAWBO Board Member

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