July 13, 2024

Ask A Pro by Mollie Millington

Question: Should I be doing weights (specifically, what exercises?) or cardio to lose inches in my lower body? –Michelle, Phoenix AZ.


Answer: Both! Generally, participating in both weight-training and cardio will help tone up your lower body (and actually, will tone up your entire body.) Keep in mind however, genetics also play a large part in determining our overall body shape. Finding an appropriate, healthy and sustainable balance between lifestyle (food intake and exercise, for example) and genetics will allow you to lose all-over inches.


To lose inches, try squats, lunges, calf raises and leg press. Consider also adding Vibration training (using a VibroGym or Power Plate machine) into your gym routine to help tone up. As with adding any new mode of exercise, be sure to obtain professional guidance to learn the best options (duration, frequency, intensity) for your capabilities, along with any safety information. Also, remember to include cardio for 30 minutes 2-3 times/week for an overall calorie burning result. Finally, to lose inches be mindful to control portion sizes when eating. Consider enlisting the aid of a fitness professional for basal metabolic testing to outline how many calories you burn in a day without exercising. From there you’ll be able to monitor your caloric intake more exactly.


Mollie Millington is a London-based personal trainer, available for in-person and virtual training. www.ptmollie.com. Mollie may be reached at www.ptmollie.com, as well as via @PTMollie on Twitter.


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