July 13, 2024

Balanced Living by Royale Scuderi

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We all want a more balanced life, but what does that mean and how do we achieve it?
While a balanced lifestyle looks different for each person, the core components are generally similar: health, relationships, money, career, home, spirituality, community and fun. If it makes your list, then it deserves a place in your life. A healthy well-balanced lifestyle isn’t only essential for happiness and well-being; it also has a tremendous impact on success in life. A well-balanced individual is better able to concentrate on achieving desired goals.

Start today with these simple tips to find the elusive balanced life!

Disconnect – One day per week or a period each night, shut down the computer, silence the phone and give your brain a break.

Health first - It truly is important to the quality of our lives when we: get sufficient rest, consume extra water, incorporate activity, and make healthier eating choices.

Eliminate - If life is too full, it will never be balanced. Trim activities that aren’t necessary and don’t add value to your life.

Build relationships - Make time for family and friends and schedule it.

Shed toxicity - Minimize contact with negative people. We absorb the attitudes around us, so surround yourself with positive people whenever possible.

Find quiet time - Time alone is the hardest thing to do, but it’s crucial for lower stress and more happiness. Meditate, journal, try yoga, or just relax silently for a few moments every day.

Expand your environment - Get outside, read a new novel, listen to uplifting music, enroll in a class, or attempt something totally new.

Laugh - Fun is not optional. Engage your sense of humor. Subscribe to a daily joke, watch a comedy, or play with young children; opportunities are everywhere.

Pamper yourself - Have a massage, pedicure, or facial. Inexpensive options might include a favorite coffee, tea, wine, delightfully fragrant candle, or lovely flowers.

Reach out - Join a local community organization, volunteer, become active in the bigger world. Although it seems counterintuitive to add more to your life, doing helping others adds perspective and meaning.

A balanced lifestyle recognizes and supports the core values and needs each of us have. While it is not always easy to achieve, it is doable with some effort and firm boundaries. Persistence and commitment are the keys!

Royale Scuderi is a freelance writer and Life Success expert who specializes in personal and professional growth, improving productivity, life balance, and well-being, as well as work and life success. Her lively and informative tips can be found on her Productive Life Concepts blog.

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