June 18, 2024

Beat Boredom with Out-of-the-Box Exercise by Whitney Orban

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Beat Boredom with Out-of-the-Box Exercise by Whitney Orban

The windows are open, the sun is shining, and three layers of clothing aren’t required to go outside. Spring is here! What does this mean? Move your workouts outdoors!

If you find yourself making excuses to sleep in or accepting your reasons why it’s okay to cut workouts short, boredom has set in. Sure, when you’re short on time or weather is not cooperating, hitting the gym is a great option. However, if you’re up for a little adventure, try an out-of-the-box-exercise approach!

Embrace Nature. Nature is ever-changing, so it’ll keep you motivated.  Find inspiration in small adventures like taking a jog around town. Simply having the sun on your face, wondering what’s just past that next hill, or watching your dog have fun running along your side will give you energy to keep going. Let’s face it, the view outside almost always beats indoors.

Become an Adventurer. Little adventures will peak your interest to try bigger adventures, like summiting a 14,000’ mountain or taking a trip to Thailand to go rock climbing. Begin with smaller adventures, and allow them to take you to places you’ve never been before. Be open to the excitement adventure brings. Who knows, you might have so much fun you forgot you were even working out. Planning for adventure also creates a goal to improve fitness and workout adherence. It’s unlikely you’ll skip out on the gym because you’ll be focused to get in shape for the big adventure.

Anything NEW is fair game. Not everyone can hop in their car and arrive at a mountain in a couple hours but each workout outside can still be new and exciting. Drive a few hours and take a hike, visit your local park and go for a bike ride, sign-up for a rock climbing class, you might be surprised at what is in your own backyard.

Whitney Orban moved to Colorado from Florida in 2007 and immediately fell in love for the mountains. Follow her adventures on www. bradleysadventures.wordpress.com

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