May 29, 2024

Budget-Friendly Exercise Equipment by Nicole Bryan

Getting healthy doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Check out the following fitness equipment that costs about $20.00, and even less if you catch them on sale! (Consult a fitness professional for specific recommendations as all equipment options may not be appropriate for everyone.)

Jump Rope. Perform jump rope intervals in between your strength exercises. Begin with 10 second intervals and build up to 2 minutes or more. Or simply jump rope for an unaccustomed cardio workout.

Pedometer. A basic pedometer that attaches to your clothing will provide helpful feedback to gauge and adjust your walking program. (A simple pedometer offers strictly total step information, in contrast to the computer friendly options.) The Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Prevent and Decrease Overweight and Obesity recommends we each cover 10,000 steps every day for wellness. Use the pedometer the first few days to track how many average steps you’ve been walking. The Surgeon Generals’ plan recommends adding 500 steps for each two week period, until 10,000 steps/day is reached.

Exercise Band. Exercise bands provide a versatile and compact strength training alternative to weights. Read the package to choose a light-resistance band if you are new to exercise.

Medicine Ball, also called a Weighted Fitness Ball. The weighted fitness ball may be used like free-weights. Choose a 4-6lb ball if you’re new to exercise.

Fitness Step. A stepping workout is a fun way to mix up your routine and strengthen your legs at the same time. Follow the manufacturers DVD included with the step for instructions and workout options.
Ankle/Wrist Weights. Ankle and wrist weights may be used for upper and lower-body strengthening.

Stability Ball. Read the package to choose the appropriate size stability ball for your height. Follow the instructions to inflate safely.

Getting fit doesn’t have to break the bank. A fun option is to go shopping with friends, each purchase a different piece of equipment, then trade every few months. Sharing and swapping exercise equipment is a built-in unaccustomed exercise guarantee, at a reasonable cost. Check out the deals at your local sporting goods store this summer. You’ll be amazed how many different workout equipment options are available to us.


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