June 18, 2024

Burn the Most Fat During Your Workout by Chanda Fetter

Evaluate Your Exercise Regime

It’s important to address the type of workouts you’re doing.  To optimize results make sure you are doing both Strength Training, as well as Cardiovascular Training. More muscle mass means a higher resting metabolism. Often times when trying to lose fat weight exercisers focus only on the cardio, and the intensity in those sessions is often too high.  The problem with this approach is two-fold. Firstly, too high of intensity will result in the body holding onto its reserve fuel (fat) and burn mainly sugar. Post-exercise blood sugar drops resulting in the body craving the carbohydrates it just burned, therefore leading the exerciser to consume foods high in empty calories and often too much of them. Resulting in consuming more than just burned therefore reversing the desired goal. Secondly, exercising at too high intensity will result in burning muscle mass rather than fat thus resulting in slower resting metabolism.  So when eating more calories again, all the weight may come back, and then some. Thus the yo-yo cycle continues.

Less muscle mass equates to lower metabolism, this is why continuing or increasing a strength training routine is so very important to burning the most fat. Weight training keeps existing muscle mass. Muscle mass will increase the ability to burn fat calories quicker while working out as well as at rest!

Chanda Fetter
IM=X Pilates Studio, Owner
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