June 16, 2024

Core Combo by Sarah Johnson

Combining moves at the gym is a great way to target specific muscles groups, as well as saving time by sticking close to one piece of equipment. Try the following quick core-strengthening combination during your next workout. (Perform exercises at your own risk and always consult your physician before beginning exercise.)

Utilizing the Cable Machine:


Plié Squat & Row: Move bar down to the bottom of the pulley.  Stand with feet wider than shoulders, toes turned out.  With an overhand grip, pick up the bar and bring to waist height.  Squat towards the floor, keeping your back straight and chest forward. As you stand up, push with your heels and squeeze your gluts and inner thighs.  Pull the bar to your chest.

Pull Over Leg Chase:  Place the bar about two feet from the floor on the cable machine.  Lay on your back, with your head at the end closest to the machine.  Bring your feet off of the floor, knees bent.  Grasp the bar over your head, and as your legs straighten and extend away, “chase” them with the bar, keeping your arms straight. Slowly return to the starting position and repeat.

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