June 16, 2024

Exercising Together by Crystal Reia

Valentine’s Day is upon us; dinner dates, flowers, chocolates! It’s very easy to get sidetracked and skip the gym when there are so many delectable temptations. However, how about connecting with your significant other on a different level this year?

Exercise is not only wonderful for your mind, body and soul, but couples can really connect when finding a fun physical activity they enjoy together!

Heat things up this Valentine’s Day by getting your workout on! Here are some reason’s to sweat it up together!

Find a Common Interest:  Discovering a new class or activity you both enjoy and can do together will strengthen the bond among you, as well as allowing you more quality time together as a couple. Keep it fresh by mixing things up – try new activities! You might surprise yourself as to how much fun you can have! Ask around to see what some of your friends are doing to keep active! Indoor Classes such as Dance, Tai Chi, Pilates, Yoga, Martial Arts, Spinning, Aquafit, Aerobics, Boot camps, TRX and Zumba are just a few options. There are also many groups around that do outdoor classes such as a Learn How to Run or Cross Country Skiing groups.

Your community will also have some great co-ed group sports! Hockey, Curling, Volleyball, Dodgeball, Soccer, Baseball, Ultimate Frisbee and Bowling! There are so many sports from which to choose. You both not only have the opportunity to do something together, but you’ll also have the chance to meet other couples!

Another option is to take your workout outside! Go for a power walk or run together! Rollerblading or hiking are also great options.

Become Training Buddies: By participating in physical activity together you’ll hold one another accountable. You’ll provide motivation and support! Coordinate your schedules and find sixty minutes to spend together. Consider a workout together at the gym. Cardio, strength training and stretching are all important components of a well balanced workout. Try spotting one another for safety while encouraging progress. Or if you are short on time, hire a mobile personal trainer to come to your home and work with you both together! Working with a Fitness Professional is a great way to get in workouts, as well as saving the time of traveling to a gym.

Reduce Stress in Your Relationship: Exercise increases endorphins! Endorphins make you happy! You will be better able to handle the stresses of everyday life together as a couple when you are both feeling healthy and well. The benefits are endless; not to mention that exercise increases your libido!

Gain Pride as a Two-some: Having pride for your partner’s accomplishments results in boosting the “workout high” you’ve been craving! There’s nothing like working out with your spouse or significant other and seeing how well they’re doing or how committed they are to give you that extra energy or pick-me-up you might be searching for on a busy day.

Get Healthy from the Inside-Out with Food: Food can be a very sensual way to connect with your significant other. Why not try cooking a new and healthy recipe! Turn on the romance, put on your favourite music and have a glass of wine while you cook! It’s a great way to spend some quality time together and have meaningful conversation.

Contributed by: Crystal Reia, PTS, PFS, OAS, Personal Trainer and Owner of Your Health-Your Choice, Cambridge, ON, Canada. www.yourhealth-yourchoice@live.ca, www.facebook.com/URHealth, Twitter: @URHealthURChoice.

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