July 22, 2024

From Overwhelm to PEACE by Juli Shulem

Overwhelm is a close cousin of stress. By preventing stress before it begins, the negative effects, both physical and mental, can be reduced or eliminated before problems ensue.  Overwhelm from taking on too much is a common concern for many. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed on a regular basis, try to adopt the PEACE concepts below to help.

P: Prioritize & Plan
 Having a plan in advance greatly reduces stress. Planning your day the night prior is even better! Knowing ahead of time what needs to be accomplished, as well as having a reasonable time frame allocated for everything results in feeling calm and confident.

E: Eliminate tasks
Simply eliminate some items from your to-do list. The art of saying “no” is an essential skill and boundary to master. By taking on too much one can end up quickly overwhelmed. Only take on what you are certain you can complete without adding stress to your life.

A: Anatomy
Mind your body! Take care of your health by getting adequate sleep, eating healthy foods, drinking plenty of water and exercising regularly. If you don’t take care of your body, you won’t have sufficient energy or strength to get anything done at all! First and foremost, keep your foundation of health strong!

C: Complete
Leaving multiple tasks partially done is stressful, so complete what you begin and don’t start anything else until you do so. Juggling too much simultaneously makes it difficult to decide what needs to be done first. The pressure of wanting to “just get them all done right now” can become so strong, it becomes paralyzing.

E: Efficient
When you have a lot to do, it can be difficult to narrow focus to only what you are doing now. When your mind begins to wander to all the other items left to do, it produces anxiety which leads to stress and overwhelm. Focus on your current task and what is imminent. Avoid thinking of what you need to do tomorrow while today is still in progress.  Bottom line, be present.

Contributed by Juli Shulem (jshulem@gmail.com/805-964-2389), Efficiency/ ADHD Coach. www.julishulem.com. Author of the eBook, Order! A Logical Approach to an Organized Way of Life, www.getordernow.com.


  1. Great reminder of all you’ve already coached me on! I tend to forget these essential steps. Although, all is not lost, I am MUCH more organized and much less stressed than I used to be. Something’s working :) .


    • hywo says:

      Thanks for your comments Carrie! Juli provides user-friendly, practical tips how to manage our time efficiently. Congratulations to you on being proactive about improving organization and reducing stress!

  2. Juli says:

    It seems reminders of what we may have heard before take on new meaning at different times of our lives. We listen when we are ready so I am glad that seeing this information again helped reinforce what you know. Thanks for posting a comment! Feel free to ask questions here as well.

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