February 22, 2024

Healthy Habits for Workout Results by Nicole Bryan

Not seeing workout results? Give your workouts a boost by implementing these three habits into your workout routine. There are actions you can take (outside of the gym) that will enable you a more effective, efficient and enjoyable workout. Here are three to get you started:

Keep a written log of your progress. Keeping a log of your workout takes the guess work out of training. You’ll no longer need to remember every detail of duration and intensity, sets, reps and circuits to plan your next workout. Every workout will be high quality because progression will be timely and concise.

Revive your focus. Pick up about ten index-size note cards. Write down your goal, and paste any related pictures or colorful images that you can find. Post the cards in locations you’ll see often. Pasting the note cards around your office, the kitchen, bathroom, family room and car works well. Seeing your goal in written form along with images will evoke emotions of having already accomplished your goal, increasing motivation and commitment. Every slight glance helps reinforce your goal to your mind.

Break it down. Break your main fitness goal into smaller steps of monthly, weekly and daily actions to take. Use your calendar to write down mini-goals on the date you’ll complete them, also include specific steps how you will accomplish the task. If you’re feeling overwhelmed when looking at your main goal¬ tackle it step by step. There are two great systems to breaking down your fitness goals:

Firstly, finding an accountability partner will help you stick with each outlined step. Agree on a schedule when you will check in with one another. Weekly or monthly via in person or online. The accomplishments along the way will empower you and fuel your enthusiasm.

Secondly, scheduling a race or organized event is a great way to break down your goals into manageable steps. You’ll be less likely to miss completing a mini-goal when your fitness (and maybe your ego) is on the line. Scheduling a little friendly competition is also an effective method to giving your motivation a quick pick-me-up.

Not all fitness improvements happen in the gym. Establishing a few healthy supportive fitness-habits outside of the gym will enable you to complete successful workouts.

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