June 16, 2024

Is your alarm set?

Introducing…our Get Fit Quick Tip

Let’s be honest, we don’t always have time to read an entire article offering several ways to add health and fitness into our day. Enter, our new feature that will offer an article-at-a-glance approach, one easy and practical tip to live healthy and fit! This is a tip that you’ll easily remember and be able to implement the very same day. Our tip will be so clear and concise you’ll be motivated to forward it to all your friends and family to inspire them to live healthy and fit as well!

Here’s our first one to get you started:

Set the alarm/timer on your smart phone to signal a Stretch-Break every 2 hours during your day. Taking scheduled stretch-breaks during your day will decrease physical tension and clear your mind. The result: you’ll feel better and think better. Start now!

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