May 29, 2024

Kettlebell Benefits by Ali Croft

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The Amazing Kettlebell by Ali Croft

Kettlebells are fantastic for weight loss and provide great functional movement! They are wonderful tools to help build muscle, enhance sport performance, maintain/improve fitness levels, as well as improve quality of life.

So, what exactly is a kettlebell?

Kettlebells are cannonball shaped weights with a single handle on top. They look different from the traditional free weights and machines found in gyms. Kettlebells are one of the best and most efficient fitness tools available. They are often made out of pure cast iron, and are available in a wide range of weights and sizes.

Benefits of kettlebell training

Decrease Body Fat. Kettlebells provide high intensity workouts. By consistently working out with weights, your metabolism will increase which will lead to a decrease in body fat.

Improve Functional Strength. Kettlebells increase strength by using full-body functional movements that incorporate several muscle groups for each exercise.

Increase Total Body Conditioning. Kettlebells strengthen every muscle from head to toe, and encourage the body to work as one synergistic unit linked strongly together.

Increase Core Strength. The off-centered weight of a kettlebell recruits more stabilizer muscles and works the targeted muscles through a wider range of motion.

Increase Flexibility. The use of kettlebells improves mobility and increases the range of movement through joints.

Provide Varied Training. Hundreds of exercises and circuits that can be performed using kettlebells. So there is no excuse for getting bored!

Incorporate a Cardio Challenge. Kettlebells provide high intensity workouts which challenge both the aerobic and anaerobic energy systems, increasing fitness levels dramatically, all without the boredom of endless hours spent on the treadmill, cross-trainer etc.

Kettlebells are fun and when used properly give fantastic results. However, because they are so different to traditional free weights the techniques need to be mastered correctly to ensure a safe and effective workout, therefore receiving qualified instruction is essential.

If you’re unsure, give kettlebells a try. You might just find yourself in the best shape of your life!
By Ali Croft, Personal Trainer. She may be contacted via 


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