April 14, 2024

Kids Plus Karate Equals Self-Esteem Boost by Ed Samane

The challenges that today’s youth face come from all directions: 24/7 online connections to social networks, crowded classrooms and increased digital exposure. One of the best ways that parents can prepare a child to meet this growing onslaught is through building self-esteem, confidence and discipline. Martial arts programs specifically target a youth’s mental, emotional and physical development. For centuries, martial arts have been recognized as one of most effective tools for physical self-defense ever created. But today, a generation of youth is finding emotional, mental and psychological self-defense by integrating a character-building focus into the age-old discipline. Here’s what a solid martial arts program can offer your child, as well as everyone in the family:

The unique combination of physical exercise and mental discipline. This unique combination helps children involved in martial arts avoid physical confrontation and make good choices. The self-esteem and confidence gained through martial arts also pays life-long dividends for youth grappling with their own emotional development. Martial arts training is evolving to take on these new social challenges facing 21st century children.

Provides positive reinforcement and praise to all participants. Every child gets to participate in the activity. No one sits on the side lines.

Teaches discipline to set and achieve goals. This is done by the belt ranking system.  Children test every few months and have to learn new material for each belt level. This philosophy is then applied to other areas of life such as school and team sports. Drive, discipline and determination are the three traits to success in anything they undertake. Good choices are a theme in our life skills and education program.

Offers mentoring. Mentoring from the sensi (karate teacher) teaches confidence, instills the discipline to make proper choices, and builds self-esteem.

Martial arts engage youth in a physical, mental and psychological transformation that is invaluable self-defense against the pitfalls encountered on the road to adulthood.

Grandmaster Ed Samane is the founder of Pro Martial Arts, a national martial arts franchise that focuses on character building and life skills training. He has over 30 years experience in various forms of martial arts and has earned a 7th Degree black belt in Tang Soo Do and an 8th degree black belt in Sin Moo Hapkido. To learn more visit: www.promartialarts.com.

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