April 14, 2024

Meet your new training partner, RockMyRun!

Looking for an exercise partner? Thanks to RockMyRun you don’t have to look any further than your computer! Since 2012 RockMyRun has been insuring awesome workouts of all kinds through their creative, eclectic and motivating music mixes.

“RockMyRun is different from other music applications because we provide music that is specifically tailored to help runners and other active people better perform and better enjoy their activities” says Founder and Chief Rocker Adam Riggs-Zeigen. “We’ve done hundreds of hours of research with runners to better understand how music impacts their runs and took that knowledge to DJ’s from around the world who publish mixes to our system that best serve the needs of runners” Adam shares.

RockMyRun’s competitive edge lies in the user’s ability to choose their mixes based on their specific criteria. “We allow runners to filter and sort by criteria that’s relevant to them, like BPM, length, clean vs. explicit lyrics, as well as read comments and votes from other runners, making it easy to find great running music” Adam explains. Although designed initially for runners, RockMyRun has enjoyed additional popularity among athletes and fitness enthusiasts everywhere from motivating gym workouts to exercise classes to a wide variety of sports.

RockMyRun offers two categories of memberships: standard and premium. “You can access a lot of RockMyRun for free! Mixes up to 45 minutes in length can be accessed 100% for free from the app. Access to premium mixes ranges anywhere from $4.99 per month to $35.99 per year” explains Adam.

Adam not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. He shares his story, “I spent 10-plus years as a traveling DJ – playing large nightclubs, corporate events, house parties, wedding etc.  When I started training for my first half-marathon about 6 years ago, I decided to put my DJ skills to work and create a mix rather than a playlist.” He continues on “the results were amazing! I found myself more energized, more motivated and it really helped the training fly by.”

Want to run a 2 hour Half-Marathon? Use RockMyRun’s ‘The 2 Hour Half-Marathon‘ as your training partner and pacer with their music mix specifically designed with a consistent beat to get you to the finish line. Or check out their ‘Disco-Dash‘ Mix for a steady beat of 130 per minute, an ideal pace for a mid-week run of 30 minutes. If you want to find your favorite rock songs all in one 30 minutes mix for your gym workout, check out ‘Rock-it Fuel’ and you’ll be cranking out more solid reps than ever before. ‘Dose of Energy’ is another mix that will keep you going strong for 60 minutes as you’ll become energized by House and Pop tunes. With over 15 genres of music represented, you’ll find a mix for every music-interest and every type of workout.

Fan and RockMyRun user, Katy Widrick, a runner and triathlete, explains “I was so excited to find it, since I’m one of those people who not only can’t run without music, but whose workouts are made better by a great beat.” One of Katy’s favorite aspects of RockMyRun is “I love that some of the mixes are free to download, because it lets people get to know the style and flavor before buying. But in general, I think the best aspect is the quality of the mixes — they include great music, really well-done mixes, consistent beats.” Nic Akins, a fellow RockMyRun enthusiast agrees, saying,“it’s a great way to keep you focused and energetic.” Nic continues, “the descriptions are really good in helping you decide what mix will work best for what you want in a workout. Knowing and understanding the BPM (beats per minute) is very helpful.”

Look for more innovation from this cutting edge business. “We’re even more excited about the prospects of building in additional technology into our application and creating truly amazing experiences for runners, cyclists, weight lifters, fitness instructors and active people everywhere” Adam explains.

Feel free to drop Adam an email via adam@rockmyrun.com. Be sure to join their Facebook and Twitter communities for all updates and new mix info! And check out their blog: http://blog.rockmyrun.com/

Choose RockMyRun as your workout partner; you’ll get motivated, get energy and get better workout results with your high-quality, fun, and consistent exercise sessions. No matter what genre you prefer, you’ll find it. From country to classic to reggae to seasonal music, YOUR ideal music mix awaits!

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