April 14, 2024

Post-Workout Power Parfait by Helen Agresti, R.D.

Mango Pineapple Power Parfait

Replenishing after a workout with nutrient-rich complex carbohydrates is essential for building lean body mass.  The fruit and granola that are in this parfait recipe will do just that!  Timing is key when it comes to refueling after exercising.  Consuming a protein and carbohydrate rich snack within 40 minutes of a moderate to high intensity workout will replenish energy stores and prevent muscle mass from breaking down.  I topped this parfait with chia seeds for additional fiber and to promote a healthy balance in blood sugar levels.

In a parfait glass layer…
1. fresh mango
2. plain greek yogurt
3. all natural granola
4. fresh pineapple
5. plain greek yogurt
6. fresh mango
7. all natural granola
8. Top with a dollop of greek yogurt and chia seeds.

Replenish, Rebuild, and Enjoy Eating Healthy!

Recipe courtesy of Helen Agresti, RD. Helen Agresti is a Registered Dietitian with Professional Nutrition Consulting, LLC.  She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and 5 children.  For more Nutrition advice and healthy recipes follow her on twitter @HelenAgresti. For more information and recipes, go to www.pronutritionconsulting.com

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