July 13, 2024

Refreshing Chocolate Smoothie by Helen Agresti, R.D.

Energizing Cacao/Chocolate Smoothie

This chocolate smoothie is long overdue.  Chocolate is our favorite superfood- thanks to cacao. The bean of the cacao plant is the main ingredient of all chocolate and cocoa products. What makes it a superfood?  It is naturally rich in antioxidants, magnesium, iron, and fiber.  Cacao is low in calories and doesn’t contain any sugar.  We incorporated a date and some honey to naturally sweeten this deliciously energizing smoothie.  The flax meal and chia seeds offer additional fiber and staying power.  It’s perfect for refueling and replenishing after a workout.

Blend together…
•    2 c ice, crushed
•    ¾ c vanilla almond milk, unsweetened
•    2½ tablespoons 100% cacao powder, raw
•    1 date, pitted, finely chopped
•    2 teaspoons honey
•    1 teaspoon chia seeds
•    1 teaspoon flax meal
~Blend until smooth and enjoy drinking super!

Recipe courtesy of Helen Agresti, RD. Helen Agresti is a Registered Dietitian with Professional Nutrition Consulting, LLC.  She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and 5 children.  For more Nutrition advice and healthy recipes follow her on twitter @HelenAgresti. For more information and recipes, go to www.pronutritionconsulting.com

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