June 24, 2024

Revisit Childhood by Pete McCall

Bring back the play-days of childhood with this simple go-to get fit quick cardio option! According to Pete McCall, Exercise Physiologist at the American Council on Exercise, a simple cardio choice for calorie burning and heart conditioning is jumping rope. With the purchase price of $10 to $20.00, a standard jump rope can be found at just about every sporting supply store.

“Jumping rope is provides a similar cardio respiratory benefit to running, but doesn’t require having to go outside in inclement weather or in unfamiliar territory.” They are ideal to use while traveling to maintain fitness, as well as when we find ourselves tight on space or time.  “Jump ropes are totally portable and can be used anywhere as an effective means of cardio training and burning calories.” Pete adds.

Jumping rope can also take our cardio fitness to the next level through total body toning. Kick your workout up a notch and burn up to 700 calories per hour without even leaving your living room. How to begin: start with 20 second count of jumping, followed by 20-30 second recovery period of walking around the room. Perform 3 cycles, followed by a 2 minute rest period of walking slowly. As endurance improves, extend the duration of the jumping interval to one minute, then two minutes and so on. Adding in a higher intensity recovery activity such as jogging in place or walking lunges will also ramp up calorie burning and toning.

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