July 13, 2024

Settle in!

Settle in…to your fitness journey. Some days will easy, some days will be challenging. The key is to KEEP GOING.

Your fitness is cumulative. Results require your daily commitment to healthy choices. Settle in and enjoy your journey to long term, sustainable wellness. Here’s how:

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RecoFit. Discover the RecoFit Compression Gear difference for yourself! Their technical-fit and uniquely designed gear helps you get more oxygen to your muscles, reduce swelling and delay fatigue. RecoFit is the only compression gear that cuts their fabric in a cross-grain process; this means effective compression and no-slip positioning! Founded by an athlete, tested on athletes, made in the USA and made for everyone! Contact your compression gear experts via Twitter at @Recofit.

Milestone Pod. Milestone Pod the simplest way to track the mileage on your shoes. Lace the Pod on and it automatically collects workout data including: distance, pace, cadence, stride length, stance time, calories, and run history.  The Pod also displays the total mileage on your shoes, so you know when it’s time to replace them! Follow them on Twitter for details @MilestonePod.

Jessica Matthews. Fitness expert, college professor, yoga teacher, fitness writer, trainer, group exercise and health coach. She believes in taking a balanced approach to fitness and wellness. You’ll be inspired to live a happier and healthier life with Jessica’s motivation. Follow her on Twitter for workout tips, exercise articles and healthy living ideas, @fitexpertjess.

Shaping Her Esteem. Shaping Her Esteem (SHE) promotes the participation of girls in physical activity to increase their health and wellness. They share nutrition tips, motivational videos and facilitate boot camps for young girls. Shaping Her Esteem is looking for girls between 8-16 who would love to write about her experiences in sport/dance, and to share positive experiences in physical activity! Follow them on Twitter for more info @ShapeHerEsteem.

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