June 24, 2024

Spring Clean your Fitness by Nicole Bryan

Spring cleaning not only applies to your household, but to fitness as well. Purging outdated and worn out equipment will leave you refreshed and inspired to start anew. Look into selling slightly used equipment to second-hand shops, recycling materials or swapping equipment with a friend.

Exercise Bands and Elastic Tubing. If they have any cracks, tears or holes in the tubing, replace them. Don’t forget to check the handles as well for any frayed material or glue wearing thin.

Stability Ball. If there are any changes in color, replace it. Make sure the ball is inflated so your hips are level or slightly higher than your knees. Visually inspect the seams as well for any changes or wearing thin.

Bar Accessories. Make sure your collars for free-weights are intact and remain tight.

Cables. If you have a pulley system or in home exercise machine, inspect the cables and housing. If they’re not tracking smoothly, they’ll alter the movement. Time to schedule maintenance.

Balance Disks and Foam Pads. If you’re using balance challenging tools inspect them often for irregularities or small puncture, cracks or tears in the fabric or material.

Exercise Mats and Pads. Edges curl up, traction wears thin; both are hazards and increase your chance of your foot catching the edge and falling.

Foam Rollers. Check for wear and tear or losing their shape or edges.

Shoes. Most guidelines recommend exercisers replace shoes every three to four months depending on the amount of activity. When miles and minutes are equal, high impact exercise, such as running will require you to replace shoes more frequently than low impact exercise such as walking. It may also be time to replace shoes if you are participating in a new activity. For example, if find yourself hiking often in your tennis shoes. Ask for help finding appropriate shoes for your activity. Doing so will decrease your chance of injury.



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