May 17, 2024

Ready to Challenge Your Abs?

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Toe touches!

Ready to challenge your abs? Do Toe Touches with your Crunches. Here’s how: Begin lying on your back on the floor. Raise both shoulders up off the floor. Lift your right leg up toward your chest and reach your left hand toward your right shin, then slowly release. Next lift your left leg up toward your chest, reach your right hand toward your left shin. Start with 10 reps.


*Consult your physician before performing exercise.



Take Your Plank for a Walk

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Plank Walk!

Once you’ve mastered the plank, add a total core “moving” challenge. Here’s how: Begin in a pushup position, with your arms and legs straight and your torso straight.  Keeping your feet in place, walk your hands to your right 3-6 times. Maintaining proper posture and spinal alignment, walk your hands to your left 3-6 times to complete 1 rep. Drop your knees to the floor and rest 10 seconds. Repeat 3-5 total cycles.


*Consult your physician before beginning exercise.