May 25, 2024

Does your Lifestyle Need a Makeover? By Heidi Henry

Need more joy in your life? If you’re feeling sluggish and unmotivated, it’s time to look at your current lifestyle.  Overcome lack of energy and motivation by asking yourself five key questions and then of course, making simple changes:

Are you drinking alcohol? STOP!  Don’t put a known “depressant” into your body?

What foods are you putting into your body? Are you eating and drinking processed, chemical-laden foods? Read your labels! Stick with whole foods and you’ll feel a boost in energy instantly.

Are you surrounding yourself with individuals that love and appreciate you?  If not, it’s time to make new friends. Join a club, join a gym, volunteer. Find like-minded people and you’ll find support.

Are you doing what you enjoy? Making time for what you enjoy is essential. Don’t know what you enjoy? Try new things. Set a goal to try a new hobby once a month.

Are you exercising? Do it! You say it’s hard?  Yes, however it’s always worth it. Living active clears your mind and is an excellent confidence-booster.  And yes, it gets easier over time. Move your body as often as possible.

You can’t continue to live the life you’re leading and expect a different outcome. Embrace change! 

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