May 24, 2024


Get Fit Quick Tip:

Practice Deep Breathing!

Don’t underestimate the value of deep breathing during your day. Practice the daily habit of taking 2-3 regular deep breaths at a time. Begin by inhaling for a count of 3-4 seconds, and then exhaling for a count of 4-6 seconds. A regular practice will clear your mind, decrease tension in your muscles, decrease stress and increase energy.

Take a Breather…

Get Fit Quick Tip:

Mindful Breathing!

No, you don’t always need a quiet room. No, you don’t need to be sitting cross-legged on the floor. No, you don’t need to be wearing workout wear. Anywhere, anytime, your stress-reducing move is just seconds away. Here’s how:

Inhale through your nose for a count of 3-4 seconds. Hold for 1 second. Exhale through your mouth for a count of 4-6 seconds. Each time a thought races into your head, simply clear your mind and return your attention to your breathing. Repeat until you’re able to completely clear your mind.

A regular habit of mindful deep breathing will reduce muscle tension and mental stress of every kind.