July 22, 2024

Is your Fitness Waiting for Spring? By Tera Busker

Staying active in the winter can be daunting. Depending on where you live, it can mean bundling up, getting in a cold car, driving to the gym only to get sweaty and repeat the process back out in the cold. Well, like the old saying goes…”If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.” Winter is a reality that we can’t escape. It comes every year and there is no way around that. So instead of fighting the cold and snow, find a way to enjoy it, pass the time and build fitness for Spring.


Find a winter sport. You can find countless places dedicated to snow sports like skiing, skating or snowboarding and you can always find a trail that allows cross country skiing, snowshoeing or hiking. Not only will you get to get outside and enjoy the beautiful views, but you will be getting your heart rate up and getting a great workout.

Join an indoor sports league. Many community ed programs or local gyms have clubs or pickup games like basketball or volleyball that you can join in for free. You’ll be less likely to skip a workout, when a team is counting on you.

Have a goal. Set a fitness or health related goal that you want to reach by Spring. Sign up for a running, walking, biking or swimming event like a 5K or triathlon or enroll in a charity event. Having a long term goal that you are excited about will keep you motivated to workout, eat right and reach your goals.

Make your home your gym! If you just can’t face Old Man Winter or if you get snowed in, have a workout that you can do at home.

Tera Busker is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and owner of Fitness To Go, an exclusive In Home & Private Studio Personal Training Service based out of Roberts, WI. www.fitnesstogo.net