May 23, 2024

New School Year, New Activity by Maggie Ayre

School semesters have built-in cycles, why not apply that to exercise as well? September and the start of the new school year is a new opportunity for taking positive action on fitness, healthy eating and general good health. It’s also an ideal opportunity for your child (and all family members) to try something new! With the wealth of afterschool clubs and outside school activities in every town, there’s plenty from which to choose.

The Olympics this summer have enthralled young and old alike with many having the chance to watch and learn about sports they had never seen, or even heard of before. Handball, BMX racing, diving, sailing, judo, rowing and basketball clubs are full to overflowing with young people wanting to “have a go.” With multi-sports, athletics and other just for fun clubs like dodgeball proving just as popular.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to encourage your children and teens to be active. There are so many different activities to choose from you’re sure to find one that appeals to them.

The great aspect is that next term it will be January and they’ll have the opportunity to renew and try yet a different activity. Will they keep going with existing activities or try something completely different again in 2013? Learning new skills and coordination that’s required with unaccustomed sports, meeting new friends, gaining a new coach mentor and being challenged by competition are all benefits to trying new activities. The days of playing the same old sports day in, day out, week in, week out are over.

This new school year help your children to discover the wealth of activities available to them and allow them to try a new activity each semester. You may have the next Olympic mountain biker or synchronised swimmer in the making.

Maggie Ayre is the UKs leading Fitness Coach for Teens. As well as one-to-one and small group nutrition and fitness work with teens (both online and face-to-face) she has developed the 3G Program designed to be run at schools as part of the PE curriculum. She also offers mentoring for PE departments on how to re-engage teen girls with PE and has recently published her third book; “Nutrition for Exam Success – A Parent’s Guide” which is now available as a Kindle and paperback at Amazon. She can be reached via,,