May 25, 2024

Don’t Hibernate this Winter! Written by Mollie Millington

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Don’t Hibernate: Top Trends for Wintertime Workouts
Written by Mollie Millington

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.  The winter chill and even snow have arrived.  Temperatures are dropping each day.  It is probably dark when you get up and dark again when you return home from work.  The combination of these factors can steal away your fitness mojo.  Here are the top winter fitness trends that can bring you out of your slump.  Remember ‘if it’s not fun, why do it?’ so experiment until you find something you love.

Exergaming- Who says kids get to have all the fun? If someone in your family or one of your friends already has a gaming system, look into purchasing games that get you moving, such as Wii Sports; Nike+ Training for Kinect; Dance Dance Revolution; or EA Sports Active.

Indoor cycling- Winter is a fantastic time to introduce cross training to your fitness regime.  Hop in the saddle for a different kind of high cardio (but low impact) workout.  Try it 5 times before you decide if you love it or hate it.  Be sure to work with the instructor to set the bike up properly before class begins.

Dance workouts- Move over Richard Simmons- Zumba, belly dancing, ballet, ballroom, and Jazzercise are all ways to shake your booty and have some fun.  These classes can be done with friends at the gym or home alone with a video.  Crank the music up and start shuffling your feet.  Don’t worry if you miss a step or two, just have fun with it!

Personal training- Consider it an investment in your health.  Hiring a personal trainer will help you achieve your fitness goals in record time.  Workouts can be tailored to your interests and abilities, and introduce you to new activities (such as weight training or boxing).

No matter which you decide to try, don’t let winter pass you by without participating in some kind of sport.  You will beat the winter blues once the endorphins start flowing.

This article is written by Mollie Millington. Mollie is a London-based personal trainer who offers virtual and in-person training. Visit her website each day in December for a new ‘Zero Calorie Advent Calendar’ treat.  @PTMollie,,

Vibration Training: Efficient and Effective Exercise?

Vibration Training: The Basics
When visiting the gym, you may have noticed funny looking machines that have a platform, columns, and straps on the side.  When people stand on the platform, they seem to vibrate or shake uncontrollably.  This isn’t a fad fitness craze but a tool science has been using for years (Dating back to Russian astronauts in the 1960s!)  People are finally catching on to this powerful and efficient way to exercise.  It is a huge hit in the UK and building up steam in the USA.  There are two main manufacturers, Power Plate and VibroGym.

What is it and how does it work?
The Power Plate is a platform that vibrates in three different directions.  These vibrations help engage every muscle in your body (similar to Pilates when you create instability by moving your arms) which has been proven to give you the same results in 30 minutes as a gym session lasting an hour and a half (European Journal of Obesity 2010.)  Depending on your goals, you can easily tone your body or sculpt bigger muscles in no time.

Who can try it?
Vibration training is suitable for anyone who wants to maximize what little time they have for exercise.  Due to setting options, those new to the gym as well as seasoned athletes can benefit.  Class sizes are usually small so the instructor can work with each member at their fitness level, creating more of a non-stop circuit-inspired class ensuring you give 100%.  Males and females members have seen the difference in their sports performance after training on a Power Plate.  
People with active cancer, a pacemaker, and/or are pregnant should not use the plate.  Sometimes if you have a head cold the vibrations can feel too intense, but just let your instructor know and they can help make your workout more comfortable.  People with replacement joints will need to wait for doctor’s approval before beginning their training on the plate.

What are the benefits?
Not only can vibration training improve your fitness, it also helps improve circulation and blood flow, promote lymphocyte drainage, decrease cellulite, and relaxes you with a massage at the end of the session  It also helps develop stability (ie prevent you from falling when you are older), increase your bone density, and help you recover from ACL injury.  Power Plate has links to these peer-reviewed studies on their website (

Vibration training workouts are effective for both men and women.  Twenty five minutes on the plate is will have you just was sweaty as if you had a longer session in the gym.  Maximize your time and book in for a class today!

Mollie Millington is a London-based health and wellness coach.  She offers in-person and virtual training support.  You can visit her website, , for free workouts, fitness info, and weekend challenges.  She is also on Twitter (@PTMollie), Facebook (, and Pinterest (