May 17, 2024

Teenage Complaint Solutions! By Maggie Ayre

How Can Simple Dietary Changes Solve Many Teenage Complaints?

What do lethargy, spots, greasy hair, mood swings, a dull complexion, being under weight or over weight, difficulty concentrating, a lack of interest in things and problems sleeping have in common? They are all complaints made by teenagers at one point or another and they can all be easily solved by making small dietary changes diet.

Here are my 3 diet change recommendations for teens:

DRINK MORE WATER. The body is 80% water, the brain needs to be properly hydrated to work at its best. All of the above complaints can be rectified by drinking more water. Try adding lemon juice or ginger to make water more interesting or store it in the fridge to enjoy it ice cold.

CONSUME SNACKS THAT DON’T COME IN PACKETS. Packet = processed. And processed food will never be as good for us as real food. Try some of these delicious snacks instead:
Nuts and fruit
Fruit dippers and yoghurt
Rice cakes and crunchy apple
Vegetable dippers and humous
Popcorn and grapes

EAT YOUR GREENS. Teen diets tend to be low in both iron and magnesium which are found in abundance in green leafy vegetables. A regular intake of green leafy vegetables including broccoli, cabbage and kale will boost energy levels and help regulate sleep patterns.

Maggie Ayre is the UKs leading Fitness Coach for Teen Girls. As well as one-to-one and small group nutrition and fitness work with teens she has developed the 3G Program designed to be run at schools as part of the PE curriculum. She also offers mentoring for PE departments on how to re-engage teen girls with PE and has recently published her third book; “Nutrition for Exam Success – A Parent’s Guide” which is now available as a Kindle and paperback at Amazon. Sign up for the next 14 day nutrition plan for teens at