May 29, 2024

The Downside of Organization by Juli Shulem

The Downside of Organization.

It may sound ridiculous, but there can be a downside of being too organized. Here is a list of potential hazards you should be aware of:

You will find yourself with unexplained stress-free time in the course of a day because you will be able to find what you are seeking in a matter of minutes.

You will be able to dress and get ready for your day faster because you can see all the items in your closet. Nothing will be shoved in the back of a drawer or laying on the floor of your closet or bedroom.

You will save money not buying something for the second or third time because you couldn’t find the first one you owned due to the clutter it was stuck under.
When cleaning you will get that chore done in record time because you aren’t forced to move piles and piles of items to get to the surfaces.

You will not miss out on opportunities because you will have everything you are interested in doing scheduled in your calendar – where you can find it.

You will not need to schedule time to purge closets and rooms or “get organized” because once you get to that place and learn to keep it that way – one doesn’t need to schedule time getting there. You have arrived.

You will not have the physical or mental complications associated with stress as you will no longer experience stress or overwhelm due to disorder.

And lastly, you will have free time. Most haven’t experienced that concept without sitting on the beach in the Bahamas, so allow me to remind you what free time includes. This is a block of unscheduled, unoccupied, unencumbered, ‘not busy’ stretch of existence. In other words – you get to simply exist and fill the space of defined time, or undefined if you are so lucky, where you can do what you wish, or simply do nothing at all. Words often associated with this are: Nirvana, bliss and pure joy.

So, if you’re unable to recall the last time a friend asked what you were up to today and you responded relaxing,  it’s time. Make today the start of a new lifestyle- make today the day you get organized once and for all! Decrease stress, decrease drama, decrease overwhelm and increase peace, breathing easier…and FREE TIME!

Contributed by Juli Shulem (, Efficiency Coach., Efficiency Expert since 1984, and author of the eBook, Order! A Logical Approach to an Organized Way of Life,

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