June 16, 2024

The Two-Wheel Advantage by Nancy Maier

Why make bicycling a habit? In celebration of Earth Day, here are just a few reasons!

Be Eco-Friendly. Commuting via bicycle means one less car is on the road. Reduce your carbon footprint, save fuel, maintenance and parking costs and get fit at the same time. During your commute you’re able to explore back country roads, coastal routes or any one of the hundreds of bike paths which have been installed all over the US, Canada and Europe. 
Experience Community on a Small, Local Scale. Whether you are an avid or novice cyclist, traveling by bike enables you to see and feel the countryside, small towns and big cities at your own pace. You’ll notice unique landmarks and sites that in a motorized vehicle would quickly pass you by!

Give Back. Cycling for a cause can also be a great way to spend your time. There are hundreds of charities which sponsor single and multi-day cycling events. Usually there is a registration fee and then you are asked to solicit donations to support a worthwhile national or local cause. The organizers usually provide roads marked with the route, well stocked rest stops and mechanical support. This is a great way to meet hundreds or thousands of other like minded cyclists. 
Support Alternative Transportation Programs. Over the past five years, many of the major cities throughout Europe and the US have instituted Bike Share. If you are on vacation and decide to go for a ride, you can take a bike from a bike share station in Paris, Barcelona, Washington DC or Denver for example, and return the bike to a bike share station in a different part of the city or a different city entirely.
By Nancy Maier. Nancy may be reached via email, maier@pedaling.com.  Visit http://www.pedaling.com for all your bicycling information, including a listing of cycling events, as well as the perfect Guided or Self Guided Bicycle Tour in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia/New Zealand, Africa, Central/South America and The Middle East.

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