May 29, 2024

Use Reiki’s Healing Principles for Everyday Peace by Marty Fabianova

How to stay calm and productive when there is ‘too much, too fast’ going on in your life? Mikao Usui, who re-discovered Reiki, brought these “life guide” principles back to the world as part of the Reiki healing principles. Explore how they can help you manage daily stress better.

Just for today I will not be angry.

It is hard not to be angry when for instance someone, who barely knows you, casts a fast judgement about you. But you know what? How people act is their responsibility. How you respond to their action is your choice. Try not to take anything personally and remember that letting go of anger frees one’s mind.

Just for today I will not worry.

While anger deals with past events, worry deals with future ones. Either way, we won’t be present to what is happening in our life NOW, if we allow anger or worry to take over. Let’s try not to worry about things we cannot change, and let’s try to substitute worrying for action where we do have the power to change something. Action speaks louder than words or thoughts.


Just for today I will show love and respect to every living thing.

Every living being has its purpose in life and deserves to be respected.  Honour your parents, your teachers and everyone who comes into your life. Even if the encounter is not pleasant, remember that we learn the most from the hardest lessons.

Just for today I will live by the attitude of gratitude.

Even though it might seem like there are no positives in your life right now, try to start your day with listing things for which you are thankful. Your health, family and friends, steady income, roof above your head, food… Or anything else you can think of that not everybody has and people might tend to take for granted. Simple things like thanks, forgiveness, smiles, good words, and gratitude calms the mind and brings more positive things into your life.

Just for today I will do my work honestly.

Try to do everything you do, to the best of your ability. It has been proved that, for instance, food cooked with love has much higher nutritional properties than food cooked absent-mindedly or with negative emotions. Let’s bring some love to everything we do and watch for the results!

This article is written by Marty Fabianova. Marty works as Reiki and Bowen Technique Practitioner in Stoke Newington, London. She is passionate about helping people to tap into the wellness of their body and mind in a natural way. Contact her at or via You can also connect on Facebook via her page The Bowen way – Help your body to help itself or on Twitter @MartyFabianova.


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